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7 Reasons for An Artificial Surf Wavegarden in Vancouver, Canada

7 Reasons for An Artificial Surf Wavegarden in Vancouver, Canada

Here’s 7 good reasons why Vancouver, Canada, should get on the wave and get their very own surf wavegarden. Falko Richter presents his well-researched opinions and insights into how this dream makes perfect sense and how it very well could become reality.



1. Welcome to the future

Let’s face it. It’s the future. In the next few decades, artificial surf parks and projects will spring up all over the globe. Europe has started it. Wales and the Basque Country is up and running. Texas is soon to open. Kelly Slater’s Californian project is reality. Germany, mediterranean France, the Middle East and Asia are in the pipes. Artificial waves are not just a fad – they are here to stay and enrich our modern word.  Love the idea or hate it, the future for pool surfing is bright and will go on – with or without you. It won’t stop people from surfing the ocean.


No, it won’t replace surfing in nature. It will however be an alternative. Especially for the landlocked, the shark weary, the riptide weary, the one-off surfers, the weekend surfers, the paddle lazy and especially the pros. It’s the really dedicated who can hone their skills to perfection in these condition like clockwork  -wave machines that will pump out perfection, all day long. Want to finally learn an air reverse? What better then perfectly predictable repetition. No guesswork how this set will hit the reef or sandbank. It will break perfect! So you can stop worrying about that part and grin your face off while you score again and again and again.


2. Vancouver: The perfect location!

It’s the perfect city for the sport. British Columbia is breathtaking and no one who’s ever been there would disagree. Victoria might be the capital, but Vancouver surely is the throbbing heart of BC. It’s a metropolis that rivals any city on earth for natural beauty, economic strength and vibrant lifestyle. It offers everything that the heart, mind and soul can desire. From mountains, water and wilderness to nightlife, shopping and the arts. It’s all there.  Future surfers, they are there too.  From the teens to the grey hair brigade, Vancouver is full of sport and nature obsessed outdoorsy folks who would take to a wave park in no time. The population size of Vancouver alone, mixed with the demographic of active, affluent people makes this Canada’s first choice for its first project of this kind.

This is what it looked like during the opening of Snowdonia Wavegarden in Wales, UK. Couldn’t you just imagine one of these in Vancouver?


3. Bringing surf home to you

It’s soooooo convenient. Vancouver and Tofino, on the west coast of Vancouver Island, are for most surfers tantalisingly close – at least on the map that is. You see, Canada is vast and so the distances are never really to underestimate. Everybody who has done the desperate trip to Tofino knows that five to six hours in the car plus a ferry ride is normality – and we are talking about summer here. In winter you can add a slow going drive on snow (even snow chains) across the mountains of Vancouver Island. All this we surfers endure and pride ourselves in when we decide to get our wave fix. But wouldn’t you rather decide at 3pm that you’d fancy a watery session, switch off Netflix, roll off the couch, get your gear in the car 5 minutes later, be in the water around 4 and home for dinner at 6? Admit it. That sounds pretty sweet. A wave park, only an hour from your house would make this reality. At least until your summer holiday comes up and you can spend two weeks in Tofino, applying your mad skills into the real ocean. Like I said from the start, it’s not a replacement.


4. Vancouver already has a vibrant surf community

The surf community already exists. As I said before, the people of Vancouver are sporty and active. Sports and the outdoors are a big part of the culture. There are multiple surf shops in town for the many people who migrate regularly to Tofino or fly far south towards California or south of the border (well, the next border). Until now, those are the only options. Some shift to wind or kite surfing when the waves are too far away but to surf waves in their own city would change everything. And we haven’t even touched on the huge crowds yet that are already in board spots and would surely give it a try, if given the opportunity. Skaters, snowboarders, kite surfers, wind surfers, SUPs and those who have always dreamed of surfing but just cannot face the long journey.

Canadian Surfers

5. Forget Klondyke, this is the real gold mine!

There is a great economic potential. Lets just for a moment think of all the non-surfers. Not even the potential surfers and outdoorsy folk I’ve mentioned before. Lets think of the people who want to make money. They are not all bad. We all need money. Not a lot, but it’s a valid reason. Investors should be fighting each other over the potential return of a wave park. It’s a gold mine. Surfing is a growing sport. It’s a multi million dollar business worldwide. It attracts the cool people and those who want to be cool. It attracts the fit and healthy and those who want to be fit and healthy. It’s a popular sport if there ever was one. The business potential is huge and a well run installation with attached surf school, restaurant, bar, accommodation and surf shops in close proximity to an affluent city would make the till ring so long that even Donald Trumps funky hair-do stands up in salute. But the rewards would not just be reaped by a handful of investors and the staff. Local surf shops can sell more gear to a wider clientele and it would add yet another tourist attraction to Vancouver’s portfolio. In the end, people spend money on things that are fun. More money than they spend on anything healthy, prestigious or sensible.

– Snowdonia Wavegarden goes to show how local businesses and the national tourism could benefit from a project like this.

6. Carbon footprints? Nope – here’s how a green wavegarden might reduce pollution.

Don’t be hatin’. Right, sorry for the neologism, but its true. There might be quite a few people thinking of so many reasons why an artificial wave is somehow a bad idea. So lets go through some of them. “What about nature and the carbon footprint?” some of you with the dirty Birkenstocks are shouting. Well, consider the carbon footprint of driving fuel guzzling north american brand pick up trucks for 5 hours to Tofino and back or even a flight. Now think about taking the bus or even your bicycle to the surf session.  Getting it?


“But what about the water waste?” you might shout, waxing your Alaia. Right now, in Texas, the soon to be opened wave garden is planned to be supplemented or even completely supplied with rainwater… rainwater… Vancouver aka Rain City…  any bells ringing?  “But it isn’t hardcore like real surfing in the ocean!” you will say, while growing your beard with pure manly determination.  And you would be right. It’s not. The skills however are directly transferable for when you go “real” surfing. And while all those who like surfing a wave pool are busy doing so, the highways are clearer for you hardcore people and so are the beach and the surf. Less stress in the water, less fighting over waves, less localism, more fun for everyone – win win.


Surfers testing a wave garden

7. This dream would be so much fun – and makes perfect sense!

It would simply be awesome. I love surfing and I love the city of Vancouver. To combine both would be a dream come true. There are most likely many more reasons for an artificial wave project in Vancouver but I don’t need more. Reason 7 would be enough for me. In a perfect world, I would like to be the person to get it off the ground. But even if I just see it realized in the future would put a smile on my face.  So if you feel remotely similar, show your support. ‘Like’ my facebook page, voice your support or maybe, be the investor or developer to make this happen.


Show yout support on FACEBOOK: Vancouver Artificial Surf Pool / Wavegarden & Super Stoked Magazine


Superstoked sayings.


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Brad Domke skimboards record wave in Puerto Escondido.

Brad Domke. A name to cheerish. A name to jubilate. On Saturday, 5th of july, 2014, this man surfed (on a skimboard) what must certainly be the big wave ride of 2014.

We are happy to announce that he has indeed been nominated for entry in the 2015 XXL Global Big Wave Awards. We wish him the best of luck.


The following video is from his session in Puerto Escondido, where he surfed a record-breaking wave on his Exile skimboard.

Brad Domke surfing a skimboard at Puerto Escondido - Photo credit Dylan Palmer
Brad Domke surfing a skimboard at Puerto Escondido – Photo credit Dylan Palmer & Alexy Orlov


Nomination text:

“Brad Domke (Wabasso Beach, Florida) gets a jet ski assist into a huge peak on a finless skimboard and holds his edge through a heaving barrel at Puerto Escondido, Mexico on July 5, 2014. Video by Alexy Orlov/The Go Big Project. An entry in the Billabong Ride of the Year category of the 2015 XXL Global Big Wave Awards.”



Be sure to check out Exile’s skimboards online:

Read more (and see assorted colors) by clicking here: Exile SuperG Skimboard (Large)


4 incredible sea monsters you’d rather not meet while in the water!

4 incredible sea monsters you’d rather not meet while in the water!


Legends and myths of sea monsters have fascinated and engrossed us since the first dawn. Fierce, gigantic creatures living in the most uncharted element on earth – the great oceans – how could anyone fail to be enthralled by its mystery?

Superstoked has gathered intel on three of the most amazing sea monsters to have ever existed. You’ll be astonished at what we found out.


Carcharodon Megalodon Superious.
Carcharodon Megalodon Superious. Photo: Wikimedia Commons


This 20 meter (the largest specimens could grow to nearly 30 meters) whale-engulfing mega shark actually existed. True story.

However, it is considered to have become extinct some 1.5 million years ago – so, you needn’t worry too much about this colossal beast. Unless, one of them got trapped in the polar ice during the Ice Age – but that surely couldn’t have happened could it? Some think otherwise, and such speculation has given rise to a series of “Mega Shark VS …” movies – which we might add are absolutely hilarious. Our favorite is the latest release in the series of movies: ‘Mega Shark VS Mecha Shark’ released in 2014 – but we’re quite fond of ‘Mega Shark VS Giant Octopus’ as well.

The Megalodon is considered to have been a humongous version of the Great White we know today. There were some major differences, one of which including that the Megalodon was cosmopolitan – no, we’re not talking Sex in the City all of a sudden, we are still talking razor teethed mega shark – meaning that it was present in all the world’s oceans. Much like the Killer Whale is cosmopolitan today.


Megalodon shark, compared to a normal sized fishing boat.
Megalodon shark, compared to a normal sized fishing boat. Photo: Wikimedia

Another major difference was teeth size – the Megalodon strutted an amazing dentition set that would leave the Great White gaping in awe. Fronting 5 rows of teeth, with a total of 276, that could be up to 18 centimeters long (7.1 inches). Here’s a comparison of Megalodon versus Great White teeth size:

Megalodon tooth compared to white shark tooth. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Megalodon tooth compared to white shark tooth. Photo: Wikimedia Commons


A 20 meter Megalodon is estimated to have weighed in at incredible 103 metric tons (103000 kilo!) – in light of this, a ‘Mega Shark VS surfer’ is not something to long for, is it? Or do you think you would be safe in one of these state of the art shark-deterrent wetsuits?

  >> Click here to read more: Saturn Shark Repellent UPF 50+ Short Sleeve Rashguard Men’s Swim Surf Tee Shirt L/XL Size

How does this shark deterrent rash vest work, you say?

Well, it is all about the colors and patterns – sharks are very intelligent creatures, and normally don’t attack humans. Unless, they have some sort of mental disorder or mistake you for an injured sea-lion. This is where the hippie-like pattern comes into effect. The sharks recognize poisonous fish, and avoid eating them – hence the rash vest mimics the colour and pattern of the highly venomous Lion Fish, which shark’s despise. Simplez.

To see how it works, we recommend watching season 8, episode 3 of “How Do They Do It?”, which deals with how shark deterrent works:

Mega Shark VS Mecha Shark – Official trailer:

Lusca and Kraken

Fables of tentacles crushing mighty ships to driftwood, and dragging their wailing crew into the dark abyss have been told for hundreds of years amongst fishermen and sailors alike. Yet, no definite proof of such giant octopuses have been presented. There are two octopus-like sea monsters that surface frequently in tell-tales: The Lusca and the Kraken.


First of all, let us venture to azure blue Caribbean waters. For this is the home of the first of the two fabled giant octopuses – the Lusca.

Lusca - Photo credit Wikimedia Commons
Lusca – Photo credit Wikimedia Commons


Most of the stories featuring fishermen and sailors that allegedly have been attacked, have taken place in the vicinity of a specific tropical island: Bahamas. What? The Bahamas? Why would that be a refuge for stories involving the Lusca? There’s one answer to that: Guardian Blue Hole.


Great Blue Hole, Bahamas - Photo Wikimedia Commons
Great Blue Hole, Bahamas – Photo Wikimedia Commons


The Guardian Blue Hole is a spectacular natural phenomenon consisting of a deep, round hole that has been measured to be as deep as 436 feet (132 meters) – within the hole we find a complex cave system that still hasn’t been fully mapped. Brian Kakuk, a world leader in cave diving and technical diving, alongside Brad Pecel, a member of the US Cave Diving team and part of the book Blind Descent: The Quest to Discover the Deepest Cave on Earth (by James Tabor), took it upon themselves to explore and map out the vast Guardian Blue hole underwater cave complex (see illustration of the mapped cave layout below).


Guardian Blue Hole Cave Layout - Photo credit Brian Kakuk
Guardian Blue Hole Cave Layout – Photo credit Brian Kakuk

There are a number of these mystical blue holes around the world. The deepest of them, Dean’s Blue Hole, is located outside Clarence Town, Bahamas – and measures a staggering 663ft (203 meters) deep.   Naturally, stories and folklore would have it that these blue holes are inhabited by undiscovered oceanic creatures – the sheer structural complexity and depth of the sea caves being the antagonists of such beliefs.   Is it possible that undocumented species dwell within these caves? Most definitely. Is it possible that one of these might be the gigantic octopus the tales describe? Possible, but not very likely – still, these blue holes remain largely unchartered, and who knows, a subspecies of the Lusca, or the beast itself, might reside within.


Unlike its fellow giant octopus, the Lusca, the Kraken seemed to be more adept in colder water, frequently appearing in Norse folklore, along the coast of Norway. In its description, the Kraken remarkably resembles the Lusca – with giant tentacles, big enough to crush ships, and a ferocious gaping beak-like mouth filled with razor-sharp teeth.

Kraken - Wikimedia
Kraken – Wikimedia

Vikings feared the Kraken, and certain literature would have it that many of the ships that failed to return from plundering had fallen victim to its wrath.   A Kraken appears in the movie, Clash of the Titans, this version of the sea monster had its origin in Greek mythology – born of the titans Oceanus and Ceto, both entities of the sea. Again, its immense strength and size were reported to be of extraordinary proportions. Its tentacles large enough to destroy ships and even wreak havoc upon coastal cities – like seen in the aforementioned movie.

Clash of the Titans – The Kraken movie:

Unfortunately, there hasn’t been reported any valid means of deterring the Kraken – but if you are to come across one, give this shark deterrent a go. If that doesn’t do the trick, we recommend having an electromagnetic Freedom7 Shark Shield at hand – ideal for the surfer, scuba diver, swimmer or snorkelers that swim in shark infested waters.

Shark Shield - Photo Amazon preview
Shark Shield – Photo Amazon preview

CLICK HERE TO READ MORE about SHARK DETERRENTS such as the electromagnetic shark shield.


Underwater photography
Leviathan – Credit to Forgotten Purposes.


In 2010, scientists unveiled the findings of the fossilised remains of a ancient, gigantic whale with fearsome, long teeth. They had found the Leviathan.

From the remains, they estimated that the sea monster had been around 17 meters long and an aggressive predator – even picking fights with other humongous predators of its time, such as the Megalodon shark. They named it Leviathan Melvillei – the latter part of its name inherited by the author of Moby Dick, Herman Melville. You see, the scientists who discovered the Leviathan where all die-hard Moby Dick fans.

There you go, 4 amazing sea monsters that once roamed and ruled the oceans. What are your thoughts? Do you think any of these sea creatures could still exist? Discuss in our FORUM or on our FACEBOOK page.

How to fix GoPro HERO 2, 3, 3+ camera – replacement parts fix guide.

How to fix GoPro HERO 2, 3, 3+ camera – replacement parts fix guide.


This is a repair guide for the GoPro HERO (1, 2, 3 and 3+) camera – a how to tutorial aiming to show you how to fix and repair your GoPro, by showcasing the solutions to some of the more common problems seen with the GoPro series.


Amongst these repair issues are replacing certain parts of the GoPro, such as the GoPro housing, the GoPro clip mount at the bottom or other attachments. Other common problems that require fixing are water damage, collision / impact damage and similar. We will mainly be looking at prevention of these latter issues. Please see list of content below.


The ‘How to fix GoPro HERO 2, 3, 3+ camera – replacement parts fix guide’ has aimed to cover as many frequently asked questions and problems as possible, but if your problem isn’t resolved here, then be sure to let us know via our Facebook page.

This article will cover:

– Understanding the GoPro camera series – how are the cameras built?
# The GoPro Hero original
# The GoPro Hero 2
# The GoPro Hero 3
# The GoPro Hero 3+


– Common problems that require fixing / repairs
# Broken GoPro camera housing – how to replace it?

– User question: “How to repair my GoPro Hero 3?” (Updated 27.06.2014)
– User question: “I need to find a GoPro Hero 2 repair shop.” (Updated 27.06.2014)

# Broken GoPro protective case – how to replace it? (User question)
# Cracked GoPro case – how to replace it? (User question)
# How to attach GoPro to my car dashboard or windshield?
# How to do aerial photography with GoPro using a remote controlled quadcopter drone?
# How to make GoPro float in water?
# How to mount GoPro on a surfboard?
# How to mount GoPro on a snowboard?
# How to mount GoPro on my scubamask for diving?
# How to prevent fogging inside my GoPro camera?

– User question: “How to prevent moisture and fogging on gopro when snorkeling?”

# How to transport GoPro camera? Protective GoPro transport case?
# Replacing the bottom clip mount attachment

– User question: “GoPro case latch broken – how to repair or replace it?” (Updated 29.06.2014)

– User question: “My GoPro clip-on attachment broke, how to find replacement?” (Updated 24.06.2014)

– User question: “Where to buy spare GoPro cover parts?” (Updated 25.06.2014)

# Replacing the latch clip for the GoPro 2, 3, 3+ camera?

– User question: “Can you buy just a gopro 3+ clip for the waterproof case?” (Updated 15.08.2014)

# Water damage


Official GoPro HERO3+ video:

The GoPro models:


1. GoPro HD Hero

The GoPro HD Hero Naked was launched January 25, 2010. It became immensely popular, and quickly established itself as the prime action camera. The camera featured a 5 megapixel camera sensor which could capture full 1080p HD video. It was released in several specific bundles, such as the GoPro SURF Hero, GoPro MOTORSPORTS Hero and GoPro HELMET Hero – which all included specific attachements and accessories relevant to the specific bundles.

Read more: GoPro
GoPro HD HERO Original - Photo by Wikimedia Commons
GoPro HD HERO Original – Photo by Wikimedia Commons


2. GoPro HD Hero 2

GoPro HD HERO2 - Photo by Wikimedia Commons
GoPro HD HERO2 – Photo by Wikimedia Commons

The HD Hero2 was launched on October 24, 2011. By which time GoPro had established itself with nearly a monopoly-share in the action camera market. The HD Hero2 came with improved low-light photo capability, which had been a problem with its predecessor. It also featured a 11Mp (megapixel) camera sensor that allowed for full HD and an improved slow-motion option – with up to 120FPS (frames per second). Three accessory bundles were associated with the GoPro HD HERO2: Outdoor Edition, Motorsports Edition, and Surf Edition.

Read more: GoPro HD HERO2


3. GoPro HERO3

GoPro HD HERO 3 - Black edition - Photo Wikimedia Commons
GoPro HD HERO 3 – Black edition – Photo Wikimedia Commons
GoPro Hero3 was released late 2012, in three versions: Black, white and silver. Compared to the GoPro Hero2 it was 30% smaller and 25% lighter.
  • Black Edition: The best of the three. Features a high-end 12MP (megapixel) camera sensor. This is capable of ‘capturing 4K digital video at 15 fps, 2.7K video at 30 fps, 1440p at 48 fps, 1080p at 60fps, 960p at 100fps, 720p at 120 fps and WVGA at 240 fps. The Black edition also includes the Wifi Remote. The Black Edition can not record at 25/30 FPS in 720p and WVGA resolutions . It can record only at very fast framerates in those resolutions. This is a deliberate firmware limitation, as the manufacturer does not expect that this high-end camera model will be used in such “low” resolutions with so “low” frame rates.’ (Wikipedia)
  • Silver Edition: Same 11MP camera sensor as the GoPro2, but in a neater package.
  • White edition: 5MP camera sensor – same as the GoPro1.
Read more: GoPro HERO3: Black Edition


4. GoPro HERO3+

GoPro HD HERO3+ Black - Photo by Wikimedia Commons
GoPro HD HERO3+ Black edition – Photo by Wikimedia Commons

The GoPro HERO3+ was launched October 2013 – in two versions; black edition and silver edition. The GoPro HERO3+ was a substantial upgrade to the HERO3. First and foremost, the capabilites for shooting in low light conditions have been dramatically improved. Secondly, the housing is 20% lighter and 15% smaller – and the camera itself has a 20% decreased in size compared with the GoPro HERO3.  This camera also addressed the problem with GoPro audio suffering from wind noise – and has now applied a wind rejection filter of some sort.

  • Black Edition: ‘Video modes of 1440p48, 1080p60, 960p100 and 720p120 as well as 4Kp15 and 2.7Kp30 and can shoot 12MP stills at up to 30 frames per second. Along with the increased resolution, the HERO3+ Black Edition also features a function in firmware (called “SuperView”) which additionally increases the field of view, and its activation is optional. It has additional “enterprise” functions, such as dynamic low light situation adjustment, professional recording modes (higher bitrates, no white balance applied, etc.) etc. The Black Edition continues to include a Wifi Remote.’ (Wikipedia)
  • Silver edition: ‘Video modes of 1080p60 and 720p120 and can shoot 10MP stills at up to 10 frames per second. Contrary to the Black Edition, the Silver Edition can record at 25/30 FPS (or higher) in all supported resolutions. Hero3+ Silver Edition also has about 25%-50% longer battery runtime during recording than Hero3+ Black Edition (they both use the same batteries).’ (Wikipedia)
Read more: GoPro HERO3+



How to replace broken GoPro camera housing?

First, you have to be certain of which GoPro model you have – you don’t want to make a hurried choice only to find out you’ve ordered the wrong part. Then you simply order the replacement HERE.

Related question: My GoPro protective case broke – how to replace it?

See instructions above under section  ‘how to replace broken GoPro camera housing’.


Related question: Cracked GoPro case – how to replace it?

See instructions above under section  ‘how to replace broken GoPro camera housing’.


Related user question (27.06.2014): How to repair my GoPro Hero 3?

See instructions above under section  ‘how to replace broken GoPro camera housing’ or the section below that deals with replacing the various mounts and other GoPro parts.


Related user question (updated 27.06.2014): I need to find  a GoPro Hero 2 repair shop?

Not necessarily, that depends on the extent of the damage. Perhaps you only need to replace certain parts? See instructions above under section  ‘how to replace broken GoPro camera housing’ or the section below that deals with replacing the various mounts and other GoPro parts.


How to attach GoPro to my car dashboard or windshield?

Simples. Use a suction Cup Windshield & Dash Car Mount. This won’t leave any permanent marks and works like a charm.


How to do aerial photography with GoPro using a remote controlled quadcopter drone?

You might have seen some amazing aerial photography and wondered how it’s done, well, it’s all about the equipment. Meet the Phantom 2 Quadcopter(click here to view the drone quadcopter).



‘Complete quad copter and remote transmitter, pre-tuned by the factory and ready in minutes! Just charge the included battery, attach the propellers and add 4 AA batteries to the remote and you’re flying. Fun flying by itself or even better with a GoPro to record the action. Tested with Hero3 and Hero3+ models, sold separately. Note: Wi-Fi streaming from a camera is not possible because it may interfere with the Phantom’s remote control.’

How to make the GoPro float in water?

It is possible to make the GoPro buyoant by replacing the back door of the camera housing with a GoPro Floaty Back Door. Please take note that there are different versions of these depending upon your GoPro model. This accessory is very handy for scubadivers, surfers and other watersport enthusiasts.


How to mount GoPro securely on a surfboard?

It is essential that you use mounts that were designed specifically for this task. If you don’t, you’ll find yourself with a sunken GoPro camera – and needless to say, that ain’t much fun. So, please use the official GoPro Surf HERO surfboard mount and make sure you let the glue dry thoroughly before you bring it into the water.


How to mount GoPro securely on a snowboard?

Same rules apply. So, please use the official GoPro Surf HERO surfboard mount and make sure you let the glue dry thoroughly before you bring it into the snow.


How to mount GoPro on my scubamask for diving?

This is a tough nut to crack – but we’ll recommend that you invest in a GoPro Hero 3+ Compatible Scuba Mask. (Compatible with all GoPro Hero versions).


Related question: Which GoPro camera housing to use for deep depth scubadiving?

When diving at depths you will need a specially construction GoPro camera housing that can withstand the increased pressure.

The GoPro Camera HERO3+ Dive Housing (Clear) is ultra durable and waterproof  to 197 feet / 60 meters. Ideal for deep sea diving. Be sure to use color filters, GoPro HERO3 / HERO3+ Dive Filters (2 pack: BG+SW) Red / Diving / Underwater Color Correction, to prevent color loss during photography in the sea – this is due to different colors being lost as you get deeper into the sea. You can read more about this phenomenon in our article about “underwater photography with iPhone 5S”.


How to prevent fogging inside my GoPro camera?

Water condensation fog fogging up the inside of your GoPro camera housing? Ruining your best shots? Fogging was and is a major problem inside of the protective case with GoPros. The solution is as simple as it is genius. Anti-fog Inserts. You simply attach them on the inside of your camera housing – and off you go.  Be very careful that anti fog pads don’t get caught between the seal and the housing when closing camera – as this will lead to a leak in the housing, and a flood of tears (yours).

Read more: GoPro Anti-Fog Inserts
GoPro anti-fog inserts
GoPro Anti-Fog Inserts


– Related user question: “How to prevent moisture and fogging on gopro when snorkeling?”

Reaching the surface after a great snorkeling or scuba session, only to see that all your photos are blurry due to fog inside the GoPro housing… is there anything more annoying than that? We would recommend the beforementioned GoPro Anti-Fog Inserts. They are very clever things. There are other similar products available via the link.


How to transport GoPro camera? Protective GoPro transport case?

Instead of wrapping your GoPro in a pair of socks (you know you do that) and trusting that it’ll stay in one piece, stick it in this GoPro edition POV case (photo below) when you’re traveling. The hard nylon shell is full of soft foam, with velour-lined cutouts to hold your camera, BacPac, batteries, remote, extra cables, and all sorts of accessories. You can click the link to read more about the product.


GoPro transport case - Photo SP
GoPro edition transport case

Replacing the latch case clip for the GoPro 2, 3, 3+ camera?

Related user question (updated 15.08.2014): “Can you buy just a gopro 3+ clip for the waterproof case?”

Yes, you can use this link to find what you are looking for: GoPro Replacement Rear Snap Latch Waterproof Housing Lock for Hero 3+ Camera.

Waterproof housing lock latch for Hero 3+ - Photo GoPro
Waterproof housing lock latch for Hero 3+ – Photo GoPro

Photo: This is what the main latch looks like for the Hero 3+.

Replacing the bottom clip mount attachment. How to replace the bottom clip mount attachment?

The GoPro bottom clip can occasionally break if it subjected to high force, such as a crashing wave or a heavy fall on your snowboard. When that happens (and if you are a frequent user of your GoPro, it is likely to happen) you should have your spare-parts in order. This GoPro Grab Bag of Mounts features all the 7 parts you’ll need. 2x bottom clip, the security rope thingy, 2x 3M mounts, camera holder and the screw. 20 bucks will buy you peace of mind, as there is no worse feeling than losing one of these parts on the first trip down the slopes or in the water. Be smart – get the extras you might need, before you actually need them.

Read more: GoPro Grab Bag of Mounts
GoPro - Replacement parts
GoPro – Replacement parts


Related user question (updated 29.06.2014): GoPro case latch broken, how to repair or replace it?

See instructions above under the above section ‘How to replace the bottom clip mount attachment’.


Related user questions (updated 30.09.2014): How to find gopro housing latch replacement?

You can find a replacement latch here: Main latch. The link will show you  the different latches for the various GoPro cameras, so make sure you get the right one. Best of luck.


Related user question (updated 24.06.2014): My GoPro clip-on attachment broke, how to find replacement?

See instructions above under section ‘How to replace the bottom clip mount attachment’. If you have any further questions, please let us know in the Superstoked surfing and photography forum and we’ll do our best to help you with an answer within 24 hours.


Related user question (updated 25.06.2014): Where to buy GoPro cover parts?

See instructions above under section ‘How to replace the bottom clip mount attachment’ – and use the links provided there.


Water damaged GoPro camera after deep diving?

Like mentioned in the beginning, this article will deal mostly with prevention of damages, such as water damage. To ensure you prevent water damage when diving in deep water we therefore recommend the GoPro Dive Housing which is waterproof down to 60 meters. But if you want general tips for water damage, ask these questions on our Facebook page – we’ll help you as best we can.

General tips: Place the GoPro in rice, this will help draw out water. Be sure to use a vacuum cleaner, to extract water from the electronial components of  the GoPro. Do not use a hairdryer, as this extreme heat might damage the GoPro.

Read more: GoPro Dive Housing for HERO Cameras


Superstoked GoPro surfing video (shot with GoPro2):

“Está bem!” (Portugal 2012 – Sept/Oct)(720p HD) from Alexander Van Dorph on Vimeo.


Got any other questions? Please ask them via our Facebook page. 100% answer guarantee, and we’ll update the article with your question. Thank you.




Q: How to do go pro repair?
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SURFING COSTA RICA – with WRV and Brandon Todd.

SURFING COSTA RICA – with WRV and Brandon Todd.

Brandon Todd and WRV surfboards put together this awesome surf video while surfing Costa Rica during winter 2013.

The following video is shot at Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica and features Brandon’s trademark energetic, high-quality surf style and beautiful scenery.


Video – Brandon Todd & WRV surfboards (Costa Rica)

We also had the chance to catch up with Brandon – and hear a bit about his current and future endeavors…


Hey Brandon! Please tell us a bit about yourself.

BT: I started surfing when I was 5 years old and been in love ever since.  I was raised on surfing the smallest waves you could imagine and some of the craziest conditions from hurricane swells to freezing cold 30mph wind swells.  I think living through this has made me appreciate surfing that much more and gives me dreams of traveling the world to surf.


The video we’ve featured shows you on a WRV surfboard in Costa Rica. Could you please tell us a bit more about background for the video shoot?

BT: With the support of WRV and my good friends Phillip Hall and Jennifer Lopez we were able to capture some awesome moments and days I’ll never forget.  The beautiful coast of Costa Rica have been perfect training grounds for my surfing, with many different breaks to offer. Wave Riding Vehicles are great people and have the best high-performance boards!


Brandon Olin Todd - Blue dreams
Brandon Olin Todd – Blue dreams


You’re from the east coast originally, but your pro surfing seems to have brought you to some pretty amazing spots. What are your top 3 surf spots?

BT: My favorite spots would have to be Agadir, Morocco. Soup Bowl, Barbados. And Salsa Brava, Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica.  Made possible with the help of my best bros Ahmed, Dave, Orlando, Kante and Black Indian.


Which wave are you keen on taking on next?

BT: I have my eye set on surfing once again the hollow barrels of Salsa Brava, in the Caribbean of Costa Rica.


Brandon Olin Todd - Aerial
Brandon Olin Todd – Aerial


You also have another interesting job – the Kokopelli Surf Camp – could you please tell us a bit more about that?

BT: Yes, my brothers and I operate Kokopelli Surf Camp in Myrtle Beach during the summer season.  Teaching people how to surf has always been our summertime job and after years of saving we created our own surf business. We now teach surf classes and paddleboard for several resorts and offer a delivery service for rentals, lessons, etc. We also have a small shop we call the “Kokopelli Surf Shack,” beside the Cherry Grove Pier.


Where can Super Stoked readers find out more about Brandon Olin Todd, WRV Surfboards and Kokopelli Surf Camp?

BT: You can find me on Instagram @BrandonTodd1, Facebook, WRV’s website & their Instagram: @WRV1967. Also, you can read more about the Kokopelli Surf Camp right here on our facebook page.


Stay stoked, Brandon! Thank you for sending us the video and the photos. We’re rooting for you onwards.


Article: SURFING COSTA RICA – with WRV and Brandon Todd.

Words: Tammy Winters & Alexander Van Dorph (Be sure to pick up a copy of his book ‘Cognitive Disturbance‘)


Brandon Olin Todd - Cold Carolina Beach
Brandon Olin Todd – Cold Carolina Beach


SURFING BARBADOS – with Barbados Surf Trips.

SURFING BARBADOS – with Barbados Surf Trips.


Melanie Pitcher, of Barbados Surf Trips, is a dear name to many. Visitors have learned to associate her with sunshine, azurblue water and beautiful surf waves. The reviews on Tripadvisor speak for themselves – this is a lady dedicated to surfing and sharing her passion with those around her.


All in all, the perfect recipe for what Melanie does for a living – plan surf trips in paradise aka. Barbados. What a great job, ey?!

Barbados babe (aka Melanie) enjoying a fine looking wave - Photo by Barbados Surf Trips
Barbados babe [aka Melanie ;)] enjoying a fine looking wave – Photo by Barbados Surf Trips

– We had the pleasure of exchanging some friendly words with Melanie, and hear a bit about her surf trip company: Barbados Surf Trips.


Aloha Barbados Surf Trips! Please tell us a bit about yourself.

BST: I run Barbados Surf Trips as a sole proprietorship. I have been helping surfers plan and enjoy their surf trips to Barbados since 1996. From 1996-2004 and owned and operated a surf camp at Soup Bowl on the East coast. Then after that I started BST where i offer surf trip for all levels of surfers and all budgets. I have been surfing for 18 years and represented Barbados at a few World Surfing Games in 98, 200, and 2002. Surfing is my life!!


Foul Bay, Barbados.
Foul Bay, Barbados.


Where on Barbados does one find BST? What are the local attractions?

BST: I actually work from home. I am a singe mother of 2 kids, Darian and Kelsey who are also good surfers. I go to where the waves are best each day and deliver board rentals to clients, meet them at the airport, visit them at their accommodations. Im on the road and in the water alot! and when im not im on the computer helping clients plan their trip to Barbados.


Barbados - Paradise on earth. Photo by Barbados Surf Trips.
Barbados – Paradise on earth. Photo by Barbados Surf Trips.


How is the surf on Barbados? Could you give us a description on the surf spots you have on the island?

BST: We have great waves all over the island. East coast is best from July-December when the hurricanes pass and the winds are typically lighter. East also gets good on North swells in the winter as long as the wind is light. But if it isn’t light and its onshore, its off shore somewhere!. The West coast is consistent from December through April when the North swells make their way down from the USA. The South coast is VERY consistent December-June. On the West coast and South coast there are so many waves that are good for beginner-Advanced surfers. The East coast is mostly for advanced surfers except in the Summertime (June-November) in between swells when its small and clean. for more info on surf spots visit


Soup Bowl, Barbados - Photo by Barbados Surf Trips
Soup Bowl, Barbados – Photo by Barbados Surf Trips


What is the best thing about Barbados?

BST: Warm water and lots of Sunshine! also its very laid back but at the same time there is lots to do and see.


Surf. Sleep. Eat?Which 3 restaurants would you recommend in Barbados?

BST: There are so many good restaurants its hard to choose. YOu can eat cheap and local or expensive and exquisite. If i go out to eat i go in between…Mojo’s or Cafe Sol.


Freights, Barbados - Photo by Barbados Surf Trips
Freights, Barbados – Photo by Barbados Surf Trips


Where can Superstoked readers and followers find out more about Barbados Surf Trips?

BST: They can visit our official website, check out our reviews at Tripadvisor or visit our facebook page. 🙂 Thank you! – Melanie


If you are ever in Barbados and need a surf trip planned… you know who to call – MELANIE @ Barbados Surf Trips! 😀

– Interview by Alexander Van Dorph