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Good advice: Keep the flu away with green tea

Preventing influenza with green tea? Yes, says the research.

Good advice: Keep the flu away with green tea.


Here is some good advice for those of you wanting to keep the flu away this season; start drinking green tea. It has been proven, in a high quality study (a randomized controlled trial) conducted in Japan that drinking green tea can help prevent catching the flu.

200 health workers took part in the research study, and they were blinded towards what kind of pills they got, meaning they did not know if they got the placebo or the actual green extract capsule.


The Japanese study had a control group, who were given placebo pills (pills with no effect, just sugar pills) and compared these with a group who received capsules with green tea extract. These green tea extracts contained 378mg/day catechins and 210mg/day theanine. Catechins is the most active antioxidant in green tea, and has shown in several studies to have beneficial effects upon our health situation.


After five months, there was a statistically significant difference between the control group and the green tea extract group. Concluding that there was in fact a significantly lowered prevalence of flu episodes amongst the healthworkers who had been given the green tea extract capsules.


There, it has been proven in a blinded, randomized controlled trial featuring 200 participants; drinking green tea will help you keep that nasty influenza infection away. So, go put on the kettle and enjoy a freshly brewed cup with your family and friends right now. You have thoroughly deserved it. And you know what the new saying goes like, right?


“A cup (or three) of green tea a day, keeps the influenza virus away!”



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