Surfing Morocco with Boon Tamsna

Surfing Morocco – with Boon Tamsna

Surfing Morocco – with Boon Tamsna.

Meet Boon Tamsna, a enthusiastic surf photographer and true friend of the sea. Boon talks us through how he came to love the ocean and the art of surfing.



Sunset surf in Morocco



Interview with Boon Tamsna:


Why did you start with surf photography? What inspired you?

– Boon: 
The things that inspired me, including the waves, were how to spin and fall and such things – and I also love to take pictures of surfers because they contribute to the beauty of the waves – they are such a good example of synergy.

Surfing Morocco with Boon Tamsna


Where is your dream travel destination?

– Boon: Hawaii.


Tell us about yourself and your relation to surfing.

– Boon:
My name is Mohammed and I am 29 years old. I live in Morocco tourist country and coastal work baker. I love photography and to ride the waves and my ambition is to be a good photographer and to bring a good message to the people from the sea and such aesthetic landscapes.




Where can our readers follow you and see more of your pictures?

– Boon: I have a page on Facebook where you guys can see my work. It’s here.


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