Extreme trip app

Going extreme with the Extreme Trip app

Going extreme with the Extreme Trip app.

David Avni is the main behind Extreme Trip – which is an app that lets you find venues for extreme sports with ease. No more scuffing around without finding a cool place to skate, snowboard or surf.


This app is quite useful and might be really handy for any extreme sports practicioner.



Extreme trip app


Interview with David Anvi

Tell us a little bit about the Extreme Trip app.

– David: 
Extreme Trip is about to find all extreme places in the world
The extreme trip is a social network for you extreme visited place, If person visited some new extreme place then he can register that place on map and add photos, reviews and rating to particular place and also able to show all registered places. You can create a trip and to get a map with all the places on the way.


How does the app work?

– David: 
When you install the app on the main page you get all the places that are in 25 kilometer from you. You can see the review on the places and you can add pic and review to the places if you see a place or a spot that is not in the app you can add it

All places get to admin for review before they upload to app we don’t want junk in the app. The app is in 6 language you have a menu in the side that in it you can see or change your profile change language see all recent add place and search place by category.



Extreme Trip app - categories
Extreme Trip app – categories



Who will benefit from Extreme Trip?

– David: 
All extreme people will benefit for it I am an old skater and extreme is in my blood. 
The app is free to use and it will stay free. Only store and club of skate or surf if they want to be in the app will need to pay.


Where can our readers learn more about Extreme Trip?

– David: 
We have web site at Extreme-trip.com
We have our facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/1extremetrip
Link to download for android : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.david.extreme_trip
Link to download for IOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/extreme-trip/id1001379837




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