Gary McNeill Concepts surfboards – featuring Dave Rastovich.

Gary McNeill Concepts surfboards – featuring Dave Rastovich.

Gary McNeill concepts makes fantastic boards. Both in terms of performance and great design. And what better way to showcase your board – in this video the CV2 amongst others – than by having McNeill team rider Dave Rastovich ride them in true style?


Leave it to Dave Rastovich to make surfing look effortless. What an artist! Big credit to Nathan Oldfield for creating this movie, entitled ‘Magic Carpets’, as well.


The video is created by Nathan Oldfield, so be sure to follow him on vimeo and check out the rest of the movies.

MAGIC CARPETS from Nathan Oldfield on Vimeo.



Video description:

“This is a short film by Nathan Oldfield featuring Dave Rastovich riding Gary McNeill Concepts. Please visit to find out more about these extraordinary surfboards. The song in this short is called ‘Raah!’ by Pepa Knight. You can check out to hear more of his seminal work. Visit or @nathanoldfield on Instagram to keep up to date with photographs and future films or email for photograph/film bookings.

Mention the name Gary McNeill to discerning surfers worldwide and they’ll associate him with two things: extremely high performance left of centre surfboards; and his renowned team rider Dave Rastovich. By a stroke of coincidence, Dave was born in 1979, the same year that Gary began shaping at just sixteen years of age. Currently, as their long shaper/surfer relationship continues to grow in depth, experience and creativity, their collaboration in the design progress is reaching new heights. Put simply, Gary is putting together the finest surfboards of his career and a lot of people are getting excited about them.”


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