Brandon Olin Todd - Blue dreams

SURFING COSTA RICA – with WRV and Brandon Todd.

SURFING COSTA RICA – with WRV and Brandon Todd.

Brandon Todd and WRV surfboards put together this awesome surf video while surfing Costa Rica during winter 2013.

The following video is shot at Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica and features Brandon’s trademark energetic, high-quality surf style and beautiful scenery.


Video – Brandon Todd & WRV surfboards (Costa Rica)

We also had the chance to catch up with Brandon – and hear a bit about his current and future endeavors…


Hey Brandon! Please tell us a bit about yourself.

BT: I started surfing when I was 5 years old and been in love ever since.  I was raised on surfing the smallest waves you could imagine and some of the craziest conditions from hurricane swells to freezing cold 30mph wind swells.  I think living through this has made me appreciate surfing that much more and gives me dreams of traveling the world to surf.


The video we’ve featured shows you on a WRV surfboard in Costa Rica. Could you please tell us a bit more about background for the video shoot?

BT: With the support of WRV and my good friends Phillip Hall and Jennifer Lopez we were able to capture some awesome moments and days I’ll never forget.  The beautiful coast of Costa Rica have been perfect training grounds for my surfing, with many different breaks to offer. Wave Riding Vehicles are great people and have the best high-performance boards!


Brandon Olin Todd - Blue dreams
Brandon Olin Todd – Blue dreams


You’re from the east coast originally, but your pro surfing seems to have brought you to some pretty amazing spots. What are your top 3 surf spots?

BT: My favorite spots would have to be Agadir, Morocco. Soup Bowl, Barbados. And Salsa Brava, Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica.  Made possible with the help of my best bros Ahmed, Dave, Orlando, Kante and Black Indian.


Which wave are you keen on taking on next?

BT: I have my eye set on surfing once again the hollow barrels of Salsa Brava, in the Caribbean of Costa Rica.


Brandon Olin Todd - Aerial
Brandon Olin Todd – Aerial


You also have another interesting job – the Kokopelli Surf Camp – could you please tell us a bit more about that?

BT: Yes, my brothers and I operate Kokopelli Surf Camp in Myrtle Beach during the summer season.  Teaching people how to surf has always been our summertime job and after years of saving we created our own surf business. We now teach surf classes and paddleboard for several resorts and offer a delivery service for rentals, lessons, etc. We also have a small shop we call the “Kokopelli Surf Shack,” beside the Cherry Grove Pier.


Where can Super Stoked readers find out more about Brandon Olin Todd, WRV Surfboards and Kokopelli Surf Camp?

BT: You can find me on Instagram @BrandonTodd1, Facebook, WRV’s website & their Instagram: @WRV1967. Also, you can read more about the Kokopelli Surf Camp right here on our facebook page.


Stay stoked, Brandon! Thank you for sending us the video and the photos. We’re rooting for you onwards.


Article: SURFING COSTA RICA – with WRV and Brandon Todd.

Words: Tammy Winters & Alexander Van Dorph (Be sure to pick up a copy of his book ‘Cognitive Disturbance‘)


Brandon Olin Todd - Cold Carolina Beach
Brandon Olin Todd – Cold Carolina Beach