Best Christmas Gifts 2013 – for women who love surfing.

Top 10 Best Christmas Gifts 2013 – for women who love surfing.

Need some inspiration for Christmas gift shopping? We have collected 10 of the must-have gifts this year for women who love surfing and water sports. Don’t worry though, we have made a list for the guys as well. This list is in a random order, really, so even though it is numbered from 1 to 10 that does not mean we favor one more than the other – then again, maybe.


Here’s the best Christmas gifts 2013 – for women who love surfing (who doesn’t?).


1. GoPro HERO3+: Black Edition:

– To truly kick off this Christmas gift list in style, we present the GoPro3+. A camera that will be placed under the Christmas tree for many a’ water sport enthusiast this year. The newest version of the GoPro-series is 20% smaller, waterproof to 40m, has 33% improved image sharpness and reduced distortion, a faster built in Wi-Fi for enhanced connectivity to the Wi-Fi Remote (included) and GoPro App. Super View video mode captures the world’s most immersive wide angle perspective, and30% longer battery life compared to its siblings.

If you want to make a surfer very, very happy this year – GoPro3+ is your choice. Additionally, you can choose to get GoPro Surfboard Mounts and a whole array of surf accessories.


– Surfers and girls of the beach like to stroll along the warm sand in style.

This Billabong bikini will let them do so. It has a genuine, color-rich design that will certainly draw the attention of the boardshort-dressed population. Be sure to check out the sizing info via the link. Click the link or image to see more designs.


3. ROXY Bag:

– Keep your organized in style. This Roxy bag is perfect for the beach. Click image or link to see more.


4. “Chasing Mavericks” – THE MOVIE:

– “Young Jay Moriarity, like just about every other surfer along the central California coast those days had heard rumors of a giant wave, but it was dismissed largely as myth. One day though, Jay discovers someone who rides that wave – Frosty Hesson – and Jay sees the wave and Frosty and his surfing partners ride the wave at Mavericks. It takes some doing, but Frosty is finally convinced to train Jay for Mavericks. This movie is about what it takes to prepare not to ride a wave like Mavericks, but how to increase your chances of surviving it. That preparation requires physical, mental, spiritual, etc., development.

There is a good dose of surfing in the movie, and while there is a strong mental and spiritual component to the movie, it does not come across as eclectic or preachy. it’s just downright amazing! The sheer force and presence of the wave is awe-inspiring, and the willingness and ability of a small handful of big-wave surfers who challenge it and ride it are beyond impressive.It borders the miraculous. I mean, I’ve been held down by a waves in the 6-8′ range, so it’s nearly impossible to imagine the amount of force in a wave the size of Mavericks. It’s a wave that you feel more than you hear or see it. Sheer power! This is a movie experience not to be missed.” – ARH


5. The World Stormrider Guide:

– The Stormrider Guide has gained a legendary reputation amongst enthusiastic surfers. It features thorough, in-depth information about the best surf spots in the world, plus a whole lot of additional useful tips on where to go and where to avoid.

CLICK THE IMAGE OR LINK to learn more.


6. O’Neill Epic II 3/2 Wetsuit:

– The EPIC-series of wetsuits from O’Neill is high quality at a reasonable price. O’Neill wetsuits include a limited one-year manufacturer’s warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

“The Epic II is designed with a “firewall” chest and back. This is because over 60% of the surf time is spent straddling the board with the chest being exposed to the cold wind and air. The hard neoprene chest blocks wind and retains heat around the chest and kidneys to keep the whole blood system warm. The warm blood then circulates to keep your extremities warm. There are no seams running down the Butt area so straddling the board does not put undue stress on the rear seams. Second about 30% of the time the surfer is paddling. The arms and shoulders have a thinner super-flex neoprene with no seams in the paddle areas. This is so there is little resistance when paddling. The neck has a soft and sticky neoprene that locks out the water from “flushing” through the suit when punching through waves. The fit is completely adjustable. Finally, the lower legs are a thinner and more flexible material that allow the surfer to bend the legs fully when taking off on a wave. There is also reinforced knee pads since some of my early “diving” wetsuit would wear holes in the knees from the constant scraping the board on take-off. CLICK LINK OR IMAGE to learn more.

These are all things that only a surfer would know about wetsuits. And Jack O’Neill is an expert.” – S. Bjork


7. Beginner’s surfboard: Foamie Board Surf Board

– Your friend always talking loudly about how they would like to start surfing? Treat them with a beginner’s foamie surfboard, and see if they can walk the walk. Comes with a free leash and traction pad. CLICK LINK OR IMAGE to see more specifications and reviews.


8. 100% Bamboo Cutting Board(shaped like a surfboard!):

– A must-have for the surfer who knows his way around the kitchen. A 100% bamboo cutting board shaped like a surfboard. A beautiful and durable surfboard shaped cutting board with engrain inlay. Click link or image to learn more.

Fun gift for the surfer who already has it all.


9. THE TOOL – The ultimate surf tool.

– The Tool comes equipped with: allen wrench, standard and phillips screwdrivers, a built in wax comb, one leash string, and leash hook. What you need for surfboard maintenance. CLICK THE LINK OR IMAGE to learn more.

“The Tool is the best, it has a practical use for every surfboard situation. You can use it to put the fins on and comb the wax on the board for traction without carring around a pocket full of screwdrivers or a wax comb. One small tool with many uses that fits right in your pocket! Great idea and this product is the best!” – D. Freedman



– Perfect for balance training, something you need heaps of when you are out surfing. Not only that, the indoboard is a good piece of fun workout equipment for the whole family. Click the link or image to learn more.

Extra: ‘Cognitive Disturbance‘ (Book)

A book is always a good present, and thus we recommend ‘Cognitive Disturbance‘ – written by a surfer.


Los Mirra. A dystopian metropolis run by nefarious criminal gangs and corrupt politicians. Amidst the ironclad skyscrapers of the city we find Leopold Von Tiller, a man who has grown successful despite the ruthless conditions. His fortune takes a turn for the worse as he encounters brutality with a deadly outcome. When death strikes, Leopold finds himself waging war on several fronts. Whether throwing punches in a primitive bar brawl or exchanging sharp, malevolent words in a boardroom over a hostile takeover, the basics are the same – outmaneuver the opposition, strike with deadly precision and ultimately destroy your adversary. Leopold soon learns how these rules apply to every human being, and must adapt to the unfolding situation or see himself devoured in the failure to do so. Can he endeavour at the heart of ferocity, or will hatred take a hold and tear him apart? Packed with intense action, unreciprocated love and betrayal, Cognitive Disturbance is a compelling read that will appeal to fans of crime thrillers.


Amazon review:

“I love all types of fiction especially crime and intrigue. This book more than delivers on all counts – couldn’t put it down.” – Zoe


CLICK HERE to get a copy of ‘Cognitive Disturbance’.




So, this concluded the “Best Christmas Gifts 2013 – for women who like surfing”. We hope you found some genuine inspiration for your Christmas shopping needs, and that the recipient will be as stoked about their gifts as they should be. Have a fine Christmas celebration (when the time comes).

All the best,

Superstoked Crew




Inspirational GoPro HERO3+ video:

– Shot with GoPro HERO3+.


Official websites:


Chasing Mavericks – The Movie (IMDB)






Best Christmas Gifts 2013 - for men who like surfing.
Best Christmas Gifts 2013 – for men who like surfing.