Surfers Lodge Peniche

Surfers Lodge Peniche – The complete surfing experience

Surfers Lodge Peniche offers a new take on surf accommodation; with high quality rooms, a built-in restaurant which serves ecological food, Morrocan roof terrace with a pool & jacussi, a DJ-set for those afterbeach sessions and a personally tailored surfing programme for each guest.


These all combine to ensure that the visitors of Surfers Lodge Peniche gets the full surfing experience, not just a bed for the night.


This was also the dream of its founder, John Malmqvist, who we were lucky to exchange some words with amidst his busy schedule. Ps – Surfers Lodge Peniche is now open for bookings.


Wholesome, ecological food.
Wholesome, ecological food. Photo: Joao Rosado



Hi John! Please tell us how surfers lodge came into existence. What triggered you to act on this magnificent idea?

JM: Well, the surfers lodge idea started about 4 years ago. I saw that there were a lot of people going to surf camps and that most of them offer the same product. This is shared rooms in often poor conditions. I saw that there is a market segment that demands higher standard than what on offer. Therefore I decided to start the project. We focus on quality in every aspect of the lodge. We have really comfortable beds and linen of highest class. The restaurant serves ecological food made by top chefs from Sweden and Portugal. We guarantee the best food in the area. Our surf classes are small and we set individual goals for each student. If they return to the lodge we know what they have learned before and can continue the teaching from there.


Surfers Lodge Peniche
Surfers Lodge Peniche, Portugal. Photo: Joao Rosado



For a person who has never been to peniche, how would you describe the vibe and the general feeling of the area?

JM: Peniche is very laid back. Over the recent years it has transformed from a sleeping fishing village to the surf mecca of Europe. Every year, in october, the word cup of surfing is coming to peniche. This event is very well visited and considered one of the best stops of the year. You have some restaurants that serves the best fish you have ever had.


Good vibes at Surfers Lodge Peniche.
Good vibes at Surfers Lodge Peniche. Photo: Joao Rosado


What is your favourite part of the lodge?

JM: My favourite part is the morroccan roof terrace. We have a pool and jacuzzi there, as well as a bar. Here we will have afterbeach parties with live bands and djs. I am a Dj myself so I have invested in a really good sound system. The place is going to pump between 4 and 10 every day.


That sounds amazing! Tell us a bit of the surfers lodge crew. where did you find your dream team?

JM: I have hand picked people that i feel are best for all positions. Our chefs have worked in some of the best restaurants in sweden. The waitresses are friendly and the surf instructors very professional. Most of them have a physical education background.


Moroccan roof terrace & Jacussi.
Moroccan roof terrace & Jacussi. Photo: Joao Rosado



How has the process of seeing the blueprints manifest as something physical been. Must have been quite a feeling?

JM: It has been amazing. We started this project three years ago with hand drawn sketches of how we wanted it to be. Looking back at them we now see that the finished product is very similar to the the reality. There are lots of things that can go wrong during construction, but with persistence the end result will always be great.


Stylish interior. Photo: Joao Rosado
Stylish interior. Photo: Joao Rosado
The Beatles bedroom. Photo: Joao Rosado
The Beatles bedroom. Photo: Joao Rosado


Please tell us a bit about the surf spots in the area.

JM: Peniche has something for everyone. You have lots of forgiving beach breaks for beginners. On the other hand you also have supertubos, which is one of the heaviest waves in Europe. Since peniche is located on a peninsula you always find a place to surf with off shore winds.


Supertubos - One of the local breaks.
Supertubos – One of the local breaks.


Where can people find out more information about the lodge, and how indulge themselves in this complete surf experienc?

JM: You can visit our website or on Facebook:


The founder himself - John Malmqvist. Looking stoked as ever. Photo: Joao Rosado
The founder himself – John Malmqvist. Looking stoked as ever. Photo: Joao Rosado


Congratulations to Surfers Lodge Peniche with their grand opening! It looks absolutely amazing!


Photos credits: João Manuel Ribeiro Rosado & Surfers Lodge Peniche