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“NAZARE – BLOW UP” (Full movie – Nazare, 28 october 2013)

“NAZARE – BLOW UP” (Full movie – Nazare, 28 october 2013)

Some of the world’s best TOW-IN surfers take on what could be the World’s largest waves currently pounding Nazare, Portugal – will a new world record be set? We are currently waiting for the official measurements… meanwhile, you NEED TO SEE THIS MOVIE!


– Producer Helio Valentim has done a fine, fine job with this one..!



Starring: Carlos Burle, Sylvio Mancusi, Rodrigo Koxa, Maya Gabeira, Felipe “Gordo” Cesarano, Hugo Vau, Eric Rebiere, Pedro Scooby, Andrew Cotton and Garrett Macnamara

Shot with Canon 7D and canon lens 300mm f.4

A film by Hélio Valentim



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Latest: Brazilian female big wave surfer, Maya Gabeira, is doing fine in the hospital after what was a nasty wipeout at Nazare, Portugal, today – she got away with a broken ankle and some bruises – we wish her a speedy recovery!


Surfers Lodge Peniche – The complete surfing experience

Surfers Lodge Peniche offers a new take on surf accommodation; with high quality rooms, a built-in restaurant which serves ecological food, Morrocan roof terrace with a pool & jacussi, a DJ-set for those afterbeach sessions and a personally tailored surfing programme for each guest.


These all combine to ensure that the visitors of Surfers Lodge Peniche gets the full surfing experience, not just a bed for the night.


This was also the dream of its founder, John Malmqvist, who we were lucky to exchange some words with amidst his busy schedule. Ps – Surfers Lodge Peniche is now open for bookings.


Wholesome, ecological food.
Wholesome, ecological food. Photo: Joao Rosado



Hi John! Please tell us how surfers lodge came into existence. What triggered you to act on this magnificent idea?

JM: Well, the surfers lodge idea started about 4 years ago. I saw that there were a lot of people going to surf camps and that most of them offer the same product. This is shared rooms in often poor conditions. I saw that there is a market segment that demands higher standard than what on offer. Therefore I decided to start the project. We focus on quality in every aspect of the lodge. We have really comfortable beds and linen of highest class. The restaurant serves ecological food made by top chefs from Sweden and Portugal. We guarantee the best food in the area. Our surf classes are small and we set individual goals for each student. If they return to the lodge we know what they have learned before and can continue the teaching from there.


Surfers Lodge Peniche
Surfers Lodge Peniche, Portugal. Photo: Joao Rosado



For a person who has never been to peniche, how would you describe the vibe and the general feeling of the area?

JM: Peniche is very laid back. Over the recent years it has transformed from a sleeping fishing village to the surf mecca of Europe. Every year, in october, the word cup of surfing is coming to peniche. This event is very well visited and considered one of the best stops of the year. You have some restaurants that serves the best fish you have ever had.


Good vibes at Surfers Lodge Peniche.
Good vibes at Surfers Lodge Peniche. Photo: Joao Rosado


What is your favourite part of the lodge?

JM: My favourite part is the morroccan roof terrace. We have a pool and jacuzzi there, as well as a bar. Here we will have afterbeach parties with live bands and djs. I am a Dj myself so I have invested in a really good sound system. The place is going to pump between 4 and 10 every day.


That sounds amazing! Tell us a bit of the surfers lodge crew. where did you find your dream team?

JM: I have hand picked people that i feel are best for all positions. Our chefs have worked in some of the best restaurants in sweden. The waitresses are friendly and the surf instructors very professional. Most of them have a physical education background.


Moroccan roof terrace & Jacussi.
Moroccan roof terrace & Jacussi. Photo: Joao Rosado



How has the process of seeing the blueprints manifest as something physical been. Must have been quite a feeling?

JM: It has been amazing. We started this project three years ago with hand drawn sketches of how we wanted it to be. Looking back at them we now see that the finished product is very similar to the the reality. There are lots of things that can go wrong during construction, but with persistence the end result will always be great.


Stylish interior. Photo: Joao Rosado
Stylish interior. Photo: Joao Rosado
The Beatles bedroom. Photo: Joao Rosado
The Beatles bedroom. Photo: Joao Rosado


Please tell us a bit about the surf spots in the area.

JM: Peniche has something for everyone. You have lots of forgiving beach breaks for beginners. On the other hand you also have supertubos, which is one of the heaviest waves in Europe. Since peniche is located on a peninsula you always find a place to surf with off shore winds.


Supertubos - One of the local breaks.
Supertubos – One of the local breaks.


Where can people find out more information about the lodge, and how indulge themselves in this complete surf experienc?

JM: You can visit our website or on Facebook:


The founder himself - John Malmqvist. Looking stoked as ever. Photo: Joao Rosado
The founder himself – John Malmqvist. Looking stoked as ever. Photo: Joao Rosado


Congratulations to Surfers Lodge Peniche with their grand opening! It looks absolutely amazing!


Photos credits: João Manuel Ribeiro Rosado & Surfers Lodge Peniche



Help support legendary surfer, Buttons Kaluhiokalani, who is battling lung cancer.

Our friend and artist, Hilton Alves, was the first one who informed us about what is going on with the legendary surfer. Buttons Kaluhiokalani aka Montgomery “Buttons” Kaluhiokalani is suffering from lung cancer, and according to an article in Hawaii News Now it has reached stage 4 – meaning that it has spread to various parts of his body. A fundraiser is being held on the 21st of september, and we wish to inform you how you can get involved.


In contrast to Norway, medical expenses are commonly paid by the patient themselves unless they have the right medical insurance. Battling lung cancer does not come cheap, and as a result Buttons and his family could do with some extra support in these hardest of times.


“In the 1970s Buttons Kaluhiokalani stamped his signature on surfing. With 360-degree turns, a big afro, and a creative and innovative style he took the sport in a new direction.” (Hawaii News Now)


There are various auctions being held to support Button, and one of them is a painting by Hilton Alves being auctioned away – where 100% of the sum will be donated to Buttons.

Hilton for Buttons
Hilton for Buttons

– Hilton’s painting will be available for bids until Sunday 15th of September. (Click picture or link to learn more)


Buttons Fundraiser
Buttons Fundraiser

– Supporters are holding a benefit fundraiser to help Buttons pay his medical bills.

It will be on September 21 at The Fix at 80 S. Pauahi Street. Tickets are available at Surf n Sea, at the door, and at


Please help support this legend.

The Free Soulin’ Jonah Lake

The Free Soulin’ Jonah Lake

Jonah Lake, mark the name with a big, fat neon-coloured highlighter – cause you will be hearing more from him in the years to come.


This Swedish singer / songwriter has his musical roots set deep in acoustic surf-influenced folk and reggae music. With the likes of Bob Dylan and Nick Drake as his biggest inspirational sources, you know this artist will be a class act to follow. If you happen to be in Scandinavia (you should go there, it is really nice) you could see him play at the Stad Surfing Festival 2013 in Hoddevik, Stad, Norway. His debut album, Free Soul, will be officially announced tomorrow – but Jonah has provided us with a link to his work on Soundcloud – letting you hear the soothing music right now. Our personal favourite is “Don’t Grow Up It’s A Trap”.


Jonah Lake - Free Soulin'
Jonah Lake – Free Soulin’


Press play and have a listen to the amazing Acoustic sessions here… and then go on and read the rest of the interview below, while your head nods in beat to the rhythm:




“This is an acoustic album recorded in Sweden during summer 2013. Everything is recorded live through microphones. There are no midi, loops or plugged in instruments on this album. Just a guitar, ukulele, cajon, shaker and tambourine. All instruments are played by Jonah Lake. Lyrics, music and production: Jonah Lake This album for me is a tribute to the ocean, mother earth, love, friends and travel. The style of the music is an acoustic surf/folk/funk/reggae sound. Hope you enjoy it.” -Jonah


Jonah, tell us a bit about yourself.

JL: I’m a 33 year old musician and surfer from Sweden. Currently living in Sweden after over 10 years in Spain, but got big plans to move to New Zealand. Fell in love with the place after spending nearly 8 months there last year. My real name is Johan Otterdahl and I was brought up in Swedens surf city nr 1 Varberg. I got a lovely girlfriend since 5 years back and she also surfs which is a bonus when we travel.


How did you first get into music?

JL: I took my first piano lesson when I was 10 but quit after a few lessons because the teacher was mad, didn’t pick up the piano playing again until I was 29. Been in love with all kind of music since the age of 10. I started to write my own stuff when I was around 15 but didn’t learn the guitar until I was 17. Never had a guitar lesson in my life. Nick Drake, Bob Dylan and Paul Simon are my biggest inspirations when it come to songwriting. The music I play comes from a little bit of everywhere. This album is a bit more reggae/island style influenced.


Jonah Lake - Acoustic
Jonah Lake – Acoustic


Do you surf?

JL: Hell yeah. I feed of it, crave it and love it. I had my first wave when I was about 14 years old and when I was 17 I had the first real “ride” and that turned me into a surfer. The first 5 years I surfed it was only in Sweden, no instructor, shitty boards, cold water and a big smile on my face. I moved to the Canaries when I was 19 years old and stayed there on and off for 11 years. Best surf trips I’ve had has been New Zealand, Sri Lanka and Hawaii. I was actually competing for the Swedish national team in surfing 2003-2007, back then we were like the Jamaican Bobsleigh team. Nowadays the team are a lot more serious and competitive.


“I was actually competing for the Swedish national team in surfing 2003-2007, back then we were like the Jamaican Bobsleigh team. Nowadays the team are a lot more serious and competitive.”


Amongst your own songs.. do you have a favorite?

JL: That’s a hard one. For me, the lyrics are very important. But on this album I’d say the song “Don’t grow up, it’s a trap”, because of the feel good vibe and “Dreams are for free” or “Wanted” because of the lyrics. “Sail on” is a bonus track on the album which got nothing to do with the other tracks but that’s the style I tend to like the most when writing songs and I wanted to put that on in so people could hear another side of me as well.


Jonah, Jonah Lake
Jonah, Jonah Lake


Where can Superstoked readers hear more of your work?

JL:, Spotify, iTunes, my Jonah Lake page on Facebook and CDs can be bought on Amazon also got some new music videos coming up on vimeo and youtube soon so stay tuned.


Best of luck with the launch of your new album, Jonah! We’re rooting for you! The Free Soulin’ Jonah Lake – be sure to check out his new album!



The biggest surf mural in the world – by Hilton Alves

The biggest surf mural in the world is underway. An incredible art project started by Hilton Alves and Jessica Alves, with help from Hawyland Styles Gallery, volunteers and Honolulu community members.


We recently got the following press release from Hilton Alves, along with some exclusive sketches of the project. Here is the press release:


Artist to Paint the Largest Surf Art Mural in the World

… ” July 1st, 2013 – Artist Hilton Alves will partner with Hawyland Styles Gallery, volunteers and community members to complete the largest surf art mural in the world.


The concept of the approximately 14, 080 square feet mural is to bring the North Shore to the South Shore with an image depicting beautiful banzai pipeline, a colorful sunset and a sandy section where silhouettes of individuals will magnify the size of the waves. The final stages of the mural will include an interactive community art element where the young and old alike will have a chance to have their silhouette painted on the beach scene looking at the waves.


This mural is a celebration of Hawaii’s surf culture and acknowledgement of Hawaii being an ocean lovers and surfers mecca for the world.


This dream was born out of experiences Hilton has had with his Surf Art Kids Project.  Surf Art Kids is a social project designed to expose children and youth to environmental awareness and foster in them a respect and love for the ocean through art. Hilton has completed 13 murals on Oahu and has reached over 5,200 children through the project.


When the mural project at 1320 Kalani Street in Honolulu is scheduled, it will be completed within about 10 days. Organizers still need to raise funds, secure donations and volunteers, purchase supplies and book machinery. In an effort to complete this massive mural, organizers will raise $20,000 in funds and/or donations of needed materials, equipment, services or supplies to cover some of the estimated costs of the project. For more information, or to donate, you can visit . Please feel free to contact Hilton Alves at 382-2098, or if you would like to get involved and if you should have any further questions. ” …


The biggest surf mural in the world – by Hilton Alves. Sketch:

The biggest surf mural in the world - by Hilton Alves
The biggest surf mural in the world – by Hilton Alves (SKETCH)


This is what the biggest surf mural in the world will look like!

We are stoked to hear that it is going ahead, and hope you all get behind and support Hilton Alves plus the rest of his fantastic gang.


To see more of Hilton Alves’ work, you should check out the feature we did with him earlier this year:

HILTON ALVES (features some of his finest artwork)



NUMB by Tim Nunn and Ian Battrick – A Cold Water Surfing Travelogue

NUMB by Tim Nunn and Ian Battrick – A Cold Water Surfing Travelogue.

Comfortably NUMB: Six years of travel, searching, cold water surfing & adventure in one photographic travelogue. Surfer Ian Battrick and photographer Tim Nunn have spent months in some of the wilder places in the Northern Hemisphere and this is their story of times where their paths crossed in 200 pages of rich photography.


From dealing with bears in the wilderness of Canada to volcanic eruptions in Iceland, driving for days in Norway to surfing heavy slabs in Scotland, this book is a window into some of the less explored corners of the surfing world. It is a book designed to inspire you to break free of the confines of everyday life and have your own adventure. To get out and see the planet for the incredible place its is, whether that be for a weekend, a year or a lifetime.


Surfing Canada
Surfing Canada


How did NUMB come into existence? Who had the original idea?

TN: When I was photo editor at Wavelength magazine in the UK I had always wanted to do a photo book, so it was always bubbling along. But it just grew naturally as Ian and myself travelled. In the end Numb became a reality somewhere between Oslo and the west coast, it was on that drive that the commitment was made to turn our journeys into a book.


Tell us a little bit more about Tim Nunn and Ian Battrick.

TN: Ian is from the Channel Island of Jersey, he’s spent his entire life surfing, travelling and experiencing the world. He’s one of the most interesting characters to travel with, he’ll surf anything from 1 foot slop to as big as it gets and always with a smile on his face so he makes the perfect travel companion, especially in the colder reaches of the planet where the surf is less than consistent. I have been a photographer for the last ten years, mostly around surfing and adventure, I was the editor of British surf mag Wavelength, and am now a freelance photographer and writer.


Scotland - Cold Water Paradise
Scotland – Cold Water Paradise


You mentioned bears in the wilderness of Canada – care to go in to a little more detail there? Sounds pretty scary!

TN: We were dropped off in the wilderness on the west coast of Canada for weeks at a time, just camping out with friends Timmy Turner and The Bruhwiler brothers. Out there you are totally cut off from the rest of the world, absolutely no way of getting in contact. Once in there is no way out again until your pre-arranged pick up date when the boat comes back in, that is if it can get back in, the slightest swell makes it too hazardous. Once in you’re on your own, so within a few days it’s inevitable that the local bear population comes along the beach and introduces its self. The first time you see them you suddenly realise how big and powerful these creatures are, and although encounters become a daily occurrence you never fully get used to them. Some would keep their distance, some would come right into camp, sometimes you just couldn’t get out of the surf because they are all over the reef, then there’s Cougars and Wolves as well, but that’s another story.


Bears in Canada
Bears in Canada


If you had to choose a favorite spot featured in Numb – where would it be?

TN: So hard, the reefs of northern Scotland are incredible, and we have so many good friends up there, Iceland as an entire country is just out of control, The Norwegian coastline has to be the most beautiful and intriguing coast on the planet, but I think if I had to pin it down it would be the right-hander in Canada, just the whole wilderness experience makes it incredible.


Scottish Surf
Scottish Surf


Being a Norwegian-based magazine, we have to ask what you thought of our surf? Did you meet any friendly Orcas?

TN: Norwegian surf when its on is as good as anywhere, it’s a little fickle, and the coastline makes it a mission to get around, but that’s all part of the fun. I keep looking at the coast and thinking how much there must be out there, and how much better norway would be if you could just mover the British Isles! But loved the surf, the people and the country as a whole, but no Orca encounters (thankfully).


Surfing Norway / Noreg
Surfing Norway / Noreg


Best of luck with your book. It looks great! Please let our readers know where they can follow further developments. Mahalo!

TN: Thanks. You can follow me here on Facebook –

and on twitter @thegoosechase – you can get hold of a copy of the book here –


Scotland Barrel
Scotland Barrel


Be sure to pick up your copy of …

 “NUMB” by Tim Nunn and Ian Battrick – A Cold Water Surfing Travelogue.