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Surfing forum: Talk surf travel, surf equipment and chat with surfers.

Surfing forum: Talk surf travel, surf equipment and chat with surfers.

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Surf forum
Surf forum


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“Try to be like the turtle – at ease in your own shell.”

-Bill Copeland





by Alexander Zirke.



The name itself is a fitting description of the monster swell that clattered against the shorebreaks in Europe and Africa the last couple of weeks. Extraordinary strength mixed with inner madness is characteristics that describe both the wave and the surfers that surf it… they are all worthy of the name Hercules.


They are Hercules (Surf movie).

THEY ARE HERCULES” from Alex Zirke on Vimeo.



SURFER GIRL Tia Blanco – Raw Surf Talent.

SURFER GIRL Tia Blanco – Raw Surf Talent.


The rawly talented surfer girl, Tia Blanco (16) has entered the competition for a place in the ASP World Tour. Will she qualify? If you ask us… then YES.

We believe in you, Tia.


Strictly vegan, the 16-year-old is as raw as they come – but there is nothing green about her surfing, except for the people green with envy due to her talent. San Clemente, California is where she currently resides – but this is a girl with many a home; having lived in California, Hawaii, Costa Rica, New Zealand, Australia and even Mexico. Her father being a catalyst for her surf interest, getting her to play in the waves from age three, at a time when they were residing in Waikiki, Hawaii.



Tia Blanco. Credit: Hawaii Red Dragon Photography

Tia Blanco. Credit: Hawaii Red Dragon Photography


Tia Blanco has taken massive steps these past couple of years, and finally the surf scene is starting to take note. Her surfing has improved dramatically. Our prediction – qualification within the ASP tour within 1-2 years, and a top 10 ranking within 4 years.



tia blanco


Her favorite surf spot is Tahiti – where she has done the brave thing of surfing Teahupo’o. And here is the proof, provided by Sina Blanco:


Tia Blanco – Surfing Teahupoo, Tahiti.


Lui Tortuya, of, recently did a interview with the rising starlette after her participation in the US open at Huntington beach. Check it out to gain some insight into the surf moves this girl has got in her toolbox:

More recently she took part in ASP qualifiers in Barbados. November 2013.


Sina Blanco was there to capture the happening on video – and has created quite a cool short movie, which features Tia Blanco and her boyfriend Colt Ward (awesome surfing style). Tia finished 2nd in the competition. Check out her youtube channel here:

Best of luck onwards, Tia. We’re cheering for you.

– Superstoked Crew


Relevant links:

Tia’s official website

Sina Blanco’s youtube channel

How to paint your surfboard using airbrush, marker, paintbrush, decal or spray can.

How to paint your surfboard using airbrush, marker, paintbrush, decal or spray can.


Grown tired of your Colgate white board? Or has years of neglect turned the color indistinguishable? Perhaps you just want to liven things up? What you need is a how to guide that shows you how to rekindle your board’s forlorn beauty.



This guide will cover how you go about preparing the board for your art attack, what equipment to use and a basic explanation of how-to go about painting / decorating the surfboard.


– Cleaning your surfboard
– Equipment you will need
– How to use airbrush
Related user question: “How to air brush surfboards?” (Updated 26.06.2014)
– How to use marker / how to use posca pens
– How to use decal
– How to use spray can
– How to use stickers
– Some surfboard decoration examples…


Cleaning your board

A clean canvas, in this instance; your surfboard – is a important piece of the puzzle if you are to have any hopes of getting your board to look decent.


Wax, algae and other unrecognizable objects accumulate as layers upon layers on neglected surfboards – meaning about 90 percent of all boards (admit it). It is essential that these layers are removed before applying paint, ink or stickers to the empty canvas.


– Scrape off the wax using a wax comb (e.g. Pickle wax remover) or credit card (doesn’t have to be an American Express, but I’ve found that credit cards, due to their sharp yet flexible edges, are perfect for removing layers of old wax.)

– Pickle Wax Remover for Surfboards: This is sort of a two in one solution, as it provides both a way to remove the wax and the more stubborn stains (using the pickle). Fun product which works wonders – a must have for any surfer. Perfect prepping before ding repair as well. The Pickle Wax Remover is one of the easiest and quickest ways of removing wax from any surfboard.

– Alternatively, if you don’t have a picke wax remover… Use hot water / steam to remove the heavy wax / dirt stains (there are always some stubborn ones).

After you’ve scraped the worst wax of your board, you will notice that some of the stains seem to have set root deep amidst the glass fibers. Don’t keep on scraping – you’ll only damage the board. Use hot (nearly sub-boiling temperature. Disclaimer: This article takes no responsibility for damages due to hot water.) water in a casserole, dip a clean rag in the water and apply it to the stains while you gently rub it – the stain will disappear as the steam probes deep into the surfboard material; and the end result will be a (nearly) new-looking surfboard.

– Now would be a good time to take care of those DINGS!

To ensure you have a smooth surfboard surface, we suggest that you repair any dings or damages your board might have suffered – this is a good time to do so, as your board (if you’ve followed the guide) should be squeeky clean. Our favorite resin repair is Solarez ding repair.


“Solarez repair putty is the original UV-cure, 3-minute repair product. It contains clear polyester resin and fiberglass fibers along with adhesion promoters and an amazing solar activated catalyst. There is no mixing required. Just use it straight from the tube. It gels in 30 seconds, curing in 3 minutes but only when exposed to sunlight or artificial UV light such as a suntan light.”

– There are many similar products, but there is a reason so many surfers stick to Solarez. Click image or here to learn more about it.



Equipment you will need to paint your board:

Wax Remover
Cleaning cloth
Ding repair kit
Airbrush kit
– Marker
– Posca pen
– Decal
– Paintbrush / Spray can
– Stickers

Depending on which way you choose to go about – this is essentially the equipment you’ll need.


The cleaning bit has already been covered, so we’re assuming you now have a blank canvas, a sparkling clean surfboard. Next up, applying your artistic finesse.


Here’s a couple of examples you might find inspiration from – courtesy of surf photographer, Trevor Murphy and Swedish surfer, Timothy Latte. Be sure to check out their Facebook pages – as they are both fun-loving guys with heaps of talent.


Even Broken Clocks work Twice a Day... by Timothy Latte
Even Broken Clocks R’ Right Twice a Day… by Timothy Latte


Bitch dont kill my vibe - Surfboard artwork.
Bitch dont kill my vibe – Surfboard artwork. Photo: Trevor Murphy Photography


How to use airbrush to paint your surfboard

“An airbrush works by passing a stream of fast moving (compressed) air through a venturi, which creates a local reduction in air pressure (suction) that allows paint to be pulled from an interconnected reservoir at normal atmospheric pressure. The high velocity of the air atomizes the paint into very tiny droplets as it blows past a very fine paint-metering component. The paint is carried onto paper or other surface.” (Wikipedia)

Airbrush (Photo - Wikimedia Commons)
Airbrush (Photo – Wikimedia Commons)

Airbrush kits used to be expensive… luckily, for the artistic ones out there, that is not the case any more. You can get a full kit (including compressor et cetera) for around 80 dollars.

Master Airbrush Kit: “Brand High Performance Multi-purpose Gravity Feed Dual-action Airbrush Kit with 6 Foot Hose and a Powerful 1/5hp Single Piston Quiet Air Compressor – The Complete Set Now Includes a How to Airbrush Training Book to Get You Started.”


This is a great example of what we just said – a full airbrush kit for 80 dollars! This kit from Master Airbrush also enjoys great customer reviews, and a instruction manual training book – that will show you how to apply the paint to your board.

CLICK HERE to learn more about this airbrush kit.
This guide won’t go into depth about how you should apply the paint to your board, as that is controlled by your artistic mind and creativity alone – but we would recommend using the kit above.


How to use Posca pens to paint your surfboard

Using colorful water-based Posca pen markers to decorate your surfboard is another option. Surfers, skaters and snowboarders all use Posca pens and markers to liven up their boards – most often using colors that stand out such as fluorescent pink (see below), neon green or similar. Be sure to test the Posca marker on scrap paper before applying the paint to your board.

Posca Paint Marker Pen: Bold Point. Fluorescent Pink.

CLICK HERE to read more about Posca pens and see the different colors that are available.

To see an example where Posca markers have been used, check out Timothy Latte’s board pictured earlier in the article.

PS – Luca Sanna and Memo Gonzalez reminded us that you need to spray a top layer of protective translucent spray paint to ensure that it sticks. Thanks guys!


How to use decals and stickers to decorate your board

Decals and stickers specially designed for boards are perhaps amongst the safest ways to go about. You will find a variety of vinyl decals and stickers in online stores; such as this one:

Surf Life: The text is something we all can relate to.. surf life.

CLICK HERE to see the design in full resolution – and to browse other decals.


How to use a spray can to paint your surfboard

Most of us don’t have access to airbrush kits, and if you want to mind a bit of a rough look – a simple range of spray cans might be the answer for you. Montana Gold Series spray cans are probably the best spray cans you can get for any decoration job, as they are trustworthy and have a great range of colors and caps. Just check out the following spray cans, that are 100% certain to give your board a fresh look:

Montana: Flourescent Gleaming Pink – press the image or link to read more about this color.

Montana: Acid Green– press the image or link to read more about this color.

Montana: Flame Blue – Another spicy color that will brighten up your surfboard. Click image or link to see more.


CLICK HERE to learn more about Montana spray cans, and to see more colors. Like mentioned; Montana is the best. We speak from experience. Be sure to get a cap set with the spray cans though, as you will need to change these according to the work you are doing.


Summing it up

This article has mentioned several different ways of painting / decorating your surfboard, and we certainly hope you’ve been inspired to go out there and freshen up your old, boring board.

To summarize, airbrush is the professional’s choice, but rather expensive in comparison to Posca markers and Montana spray cans… if you want to go SAFE you can try out a couple of vinyl decals to start with.


If you have any questions on this article ‘How to paint your surfboard using airbrush, marker, paintbrush, decal or spray can’, we’d love to hear from you in our FORUM or on our FACEBOOK PAGE.


Relevant websites / references:

Timothy Latte

Trevor Murphy Photography



Luca Sanna, Memo Gonzalez, Mark Evans, Matt J. Valdez


Shooting the Surf – with Christian McLeod Photography

Shooting the Surf – with Christian McLeod Photography


Christian McLeod has been mesmerized by the lens since his early days – and in the last three years he has climbed (fictive…) mountains to evolve from your average Joe to a professional photographer.

His photography has produced some fine pictures, and some of his best work has been captured in his country of origin: Ireland.


Ireland. Wrong-sided.
Ireland. Wrong-sided.

We had a chat with Christian:

Hi Christian! Tell us a little bit about yourself.

CM: I’m 21 years old. American/Irish. Adventurer. Engineer. Ocean lover…? Always find it hard to explain myself….


Sunset. Photo: Christian McLeod Photography
Sunset. Photo: Christian McLeod Photography


How did you first get interested in photography?

CM: I guess it was a long time coming. My mum handed me an old film camera when I was 8 years old, and I took my first photograph – but then I only picked up a camera permanently when I was 18. It hasn’t left my sight since.


Another Irish beauty. Photo by Christian McLeod Photography.
Another Irish beauty. Photo by Christian McLeod Photography.


Do you surf?

CM: I surely do. Although it’s getting harder and harder picking the times I surf over the times I shoot. I end up surfing on the Onshore mush days.


What is your favorite surf spot?

CM: My favourite spot? pfft, couldn’t say. I would be shot. But there are so many different waves in Ireland and I think I love pretty much all of them, they all have their own moods and looks. Keeps me looking…


Stunning view. Photo by Christian McLeod Photography.
Stunning view. Photo by Christian McLeod Photography.


If you could choose any surf spot in the world.. where would you go?

CM: I would love to see Shipsterns (Tasmania, Aus) just to see the scale of that monster beneath that mammoth cliff. Skeleton Bay would be another on the list.


Tubed. Photo by Christian McLeod Photography.
Tubed. Photo by Christian McLeod Photography.


Where can Superstoked readers see more of your work?

CM: I’m over on Facebook at Christian McLeod Photography, and pretty new to Instagram, uploading photos couples times a day @christianmcld. Then there’s my site which has my portfolio, feel free to check that out, …. but other than that, just keep our eyes on the magazines, I have some work here and there.


Huge. Photo by Christian McLeod Photography.
Huge. Photo by Christian McLeod Photography.


Surf on over to Christian’s website and check out his work – it is brilliant.


AKERSELVA RIVER WAVE: Latest Flow of Developments. (With Terje Skulstad)

Meet Terje Skulstad, one of the Norwegian catalysts behind the beautiful suggestion of constructing an artificial river wave in the city river of Oslo: Akerselva.


Urban surfers based in Oslo (like Seamus Fox,, Sebastian KjellstrĂśm, and Christian Nerdrum, would have a whale of a time if this were to be transformed from blueprint to wet dream reality.


The idea in itself is far from ludicrous – as discussed in our previous article on the topic, it would in fact provide Oslo with another gem that tourists would flock to. A real life example of which can be seen in Munich, Germany, with the Eisbach river wave. This wave has attracted an extensive amount of media attention and generated ten thousands of euros to local tourism.


“- Wouldn’t it be really, really, really expensive to build such a wave in Akerselva?”

No, not really. You see, it is all about exploiting the naturally occurring river currents and adjusting the river beds. The complete oceanographic explanation would have to fall upon the experts, such as NTNU’s Lars Erik Klemetsen who has specialized in flow dynamics – but it could not put too much pressure on Oslo’s budget seeing this project through.


Akerselva riverbed analysis: Oslo river wave
Akerselva riverbed analysis: Oslo river wave. Credit: L. E. Klemetsen (NTNU)


Then again if rural Hamar can  spend 23 million Norwegian kroner (approx ÂŁ2.3 million) on a faulty diving tower, Oslo should be able to spend a million or two making the river wave come true. The Akerselva River Wave project has a much more realistic chance of creating tourism income, and would help clean up Akerselva – putting it back on the map as something else than a junkie hangout.



We met with Terje Skulstad and had a chat with him about the river wave project:


Hi Terje, the Akerselva River Wave project is a fantastic suggestion. How did the idea first come about?

TS: I guess the idea was the result of several experiences with a sudden eureka as i walked along the riverbed a stormy evening during the spring flood of 2002. Since than the idea has gradually taken shape. I´ve talked to engineers, surfers, architect, politicians and so forth. Slowly the idea´s been honed into a winning recipe. Hopefully!


We know you’ve participated in some meetings with local politicians regarding the river wave. Are you able to tell us anything about how  the meetings went? Are there some Norwegian political parties that are more open to the idea than others?

TS: Politicians are a strange lot. They always seem to be positive to initiatives for the common good. I guess their job is to smile and nod. But somewhere along the way between the meeting and the time of decision making they change their mind. Last, with the city council, the argument for their decline was safety and obstruction around breeding areas for trout and salmon. Soooo…i have taken a few steps. Firstly I´ve been in dialog with OFA (oslomarkas fiskeadministrasjon) to hear their reasons against a surf-wave. I still need to arrange a meeting, but i think we can come up with a solution. Secondly i plan to arrange a pilot. If we can show the politicians it´s safe, the magnitude of interested surfers and the areas of use for the wave they gotta concur! AND in regards to safety regulations: as long as you don´t make the area MORE dangerous than it already is it should not be a problem.


Sarpsborg surf
Could this be a future sight in Akerselva, Oslo? We sure hope so. Picture: Sarpsborg River Surf


Are there any meetings in the near future, where we might get an idea if this project could see the light of day – or not?

TS: I haven´t got any meetings with decision makers on the agenda just, but i have a meeting with the project group from NTNU who just finished their project. They have created a model we can work with in our job towards a perfect river wave.


Do you have any new pictures, graphs or similar that we can share with our readers?

TS: The NTNU crew have made a small model of their river wave. Looks more like a real life ocean wave than the manmade river waves we have seen previously. Check it out here:


Surfebølge model - by NTNU.
Surfebølge model – by NTNU.


Is there anything Superstoked readers and surf interested Norwegians can do to help the Akerselve river wave project along? Have you considered starting a petition? (The pressure applied in the Saltstein/Mølen debate seemed to do the trick)

TS: Help is always welcome. The next thing on the agenda is to write an application to “Innovasjon Norge”. Generating funding is always a big issue when starting up. If anyone has good contacts or write killer applications they are welcome to speak up. On the other hand, applications takes a lot of time and effort. If someone have a good idea for a way to generate funds please let me know.


As I’m trying to get a pilot started I would welcome inputs on fitting locations. Criterias: accessible with a crane, enough water, a rapid stream, positive politicians/tourist admin/etc. Akerselva might not have enough water at all times…


Anything else you would like to mention – that we’ve forgotten to ask about perhaps?

TS: Everyone who’s not already a supporter at “ja til surfebølge i akerselva” should list up! The more the merrier…


We hope to see as many of you engaged in the Akerselva River Wave Project as possible – if you have any suggestions or comments, please let us know in the FORUM. Thanks!


Akerselva River Wave Project
Akerselva River Wave Project


– PS: Check out the previous article we wrote on the Akerselva River Wave: Oslo River Wave – The infamous Akerselva’s Redemption.


Vil du ha mer informasjon? Søk etter det her:

Please share this article to help increase the awareness and support regarding this project. Join the facebook group, engage on the fourm and share by using this smart URL: or via the original adress.


Words: Author Alexander Van Dorph & Terje Skulstad / Photos: NTNU, L.E. Klemetsen. Wikimedia Commons.