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Surfing forum: Talk surf travel, surf equipment and chat with surfers.

Surfing forum: Talk surf travel, surf equipment and chat with surfers.

Welcome to our SURFING FORUM, a forum solely devoted to surfing and surf-related topics – such as surf travel (find the best surf holidays and get-aways!), surf equipment (Need a ding repaired? Ask the surf experts!) and general surf talk.


– Click here to visit the surfing forum


Surfing Forum
Surfing Forum – Click image to visit and register.


Our forum was recently invigorated by popular request – and the last couple of weeks we have seen a 1000% increase in visitors. We hope to see you take part in the forum, showcasing your surf services, your best surf photos (you know.. the one where you got pitted?) and videos, discuss the ASP tour with people from all over the globe – including USA, France, United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, Norway and many more.


Promote your surf-related business

Run a surf hostel, surf accommodation or surf camp? Why not tell our forum members about it? Share photos and videos to intrigue the readers, and who knows… one of them might visit you in the near future. All it takes is a good show and positive attitude.


Share your favorite social media links

Want more visitors to your website? Share the link on the forum! Not only will you get direct click visitors, but you will also get what is known as a ‘backlink’ – which shortly put, strengthens your search engine ranking with popular search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and many more.

Boast your Youtube videos or photos

You know you want to…! Showcase your best photos and indulge in the awe and respect of your fellow surfers. If the videos and photos are good enough, we might post them on our website or share them with our over 6000 social media followers – ensuring you get plenty of visibility in the public domain. Pretty cool, right?


Surf forum
Surf forum


Chat with fellow surfers

Need a good laugh? Or want to meet other surfers? Start a conversation in our ‘general talk’ section and invite your friends to join in on the discussion.


Sounds good? YES! Well, come on then, follow the white rabbit and register on the forum today.

“Try to be like the turtle – at ease in your own shell.”

-Bill Copeland



Finally! Spamfree PhpBB forum thanks to ‘sortables captcha’.

Spamfree PhpBB forum thanks to the sortables captcha antispam plugin.


Not long ago, we decided to set up a PhpBB superstoked forum. The installation was hazzle-free, but after setting it up, hordes upon hordes of spambots started registering. Due to this onslaught it was impossible to see which users that were legit and who wasn’t. Meaning we had to shut down the registration process.


We have now solved this problem thanks to a plugin app called sortables captcha. It produces a little registration puzzle where you have to sort objects in to categories – in our registration set up you have to allocate the four objects: Kelly Slater, surfboard, pancakes and tooth fairy to their relevant category, either ‘surf related’ or ‘not surf related’. We believe this task shouldn’t be too daunting for you.


So, if you have anything on your mind – whether it is your surf photography site or you would like to exchange links – give people a shout out in the forum.




Surfing Forum: New forum feature

Superstoked Surfing Forum.

Surfing forum? You found it. Superstoked has a brand new surfing forum for all the board enthusiasts out there. A forum for all those interested in surfing. A surfing forum for discussion, how-to’s and surf talk. A surfing forum, really…


LINK: Surfing forum (opens in a new window)


“O’ superstoked what are we mere mortals meant to do with such a fine surfing forum?”

The surfing forum is meant as a place where surfers, superstoked readers and others can post questions, start discussions and get answers to what they were pondering about.


“Can I show off my latest photos – the one’s where I got totally barrelled?”

– Yes! In fact, we strongly encourage it, and if you want to, we might even include it in the readers’ contributions section in our next issue of the magazine. There is a certain forum category for this: surf photography. Upload your photos and gloat in the respect of your fellow peers.


“I have a ding in my board… the forum couldn’t possibly help me with that could it?”

Oh young one, you have much to learn. Our surfing forum is the Macgyver of surfing forums and will help you with any question might have. Just give it a shot if you don’t believe us. Superstoked has seen this forum fix a surfboard using needle and thread and similar things that will blow your mind. It is all available through the mighty Superstoked surfing forum:

Surfing forum
Surfing forum by phpBB

Click the picture to open the surfing forum. You may have a look at the posts there (not many at the moment), register and post some posts of your own. Why not show of some of your favorite surf photos or videos? If you want some constructive criticism on any of your projects, please let the surfing forum know – and it will indulge you in criticism of the constructive sort.


Check out the forum HERE, please. 🙂