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Surf spot report: Baja Malibu, Baja Norte, Mexico (#48)

Surf spot report: Baja Malibu, Baja Norte, Mexico (#48).

Mexico has some of the finest surf spots on the planet. Baja Malibu, Baja Norte – recently ranked #48 in CNN’s top 50 ranks of “Top surf beaches.” We think it is deserved, as the break provides consistent, amazing surf the whole year through, approximately 150-200 days a year.


It does however get a big minus for water pollution (this varies!) – with several surfers having reported (relatively minor) symptoms, such as stomach ache, nausea and mild fever after surfing there.


Surfing Baja Malibu
Surfing Baja Malibu. Photo: Reader contribution (Thanks!)


Though a polluted spot (don’t swallow the water), this exposed break works when the winds are offshore and from the east. Ride both right and left and fall onto a sandy base, just beware of strong rips (and pollution) in the area. (CNN TRAVEL)


Getting there: Fly in to either Abelardo L Rodriguez International (Tijuana) Airport or San Diego Airport; both are about 25 kilometers away from Baja Malibu. Off the toll road after the first toll booth before Cantamar and Rosarito. Baja Malibu is the actual exit (right after the San Antonio exit) and you can’t miss it because there is a huge Tecate Jack’s Bar sign there.”

(SOURCES: CNN, and Wikimedia Commons).


Surfing Baja Malibu, Baja Norte, Mexixo – VIDEO:

Quick Trip to Baja from Body Glove on Vimeo.


Surf spot report: Eisbach river wave, Munich, Germany (#49)

Surf spot report: Eisbach river wave, Munich, Germany (#49).

In 49th place on the top 50 ranking, conducted by Jade Bremner for the CNN – we find the world’s most famous river wave – Eisbach river wave. We have written about this river wave earlier, and even though it is quite remarkable and utterly wonderful, it does also have its drawbacks; such as episodes of quite heavy localism.


Eisbach River Surfing

Eisbach River Surfing. Photo: Lisbeth Tue


The most unusual wave on our list is formed on an artificial river next to the city’s main park and is completely and utterly land-locked. This one-meter standing wave (meaning you don’t move along the river but surf in the same place) is caused by fast pumping water hitting a large rock and forming a crest. As long as there is enough water this ride will never stop, unless of course you fall off it.


Getting there: Fly in to Munich Airport and get a taxi to Englischer Garten; the wave is at the southern edge of the park next to Haus der Kunst.” (CNN and Wikimedia Commons)


The odd fact:

Surfing was only officially allowed from 2010, but there has been surfers surfing the wave since 1972 – with a number of surf competitions having been held there.


Surfing Eisbach river wave video:


 What people say:

“Eisbach translates to ice stream in English … must be cold! I’d bring my dry suit! :)” – G. Kutt

Surf spot report: Big Wave Bay, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong (#50)

Surf spot report: Big Wave Bay, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong (#50).

Surfing Hong Kong – Hong Kong is perhaps not too well-known for its surf spots, but Big Wave Bay recently made it into CNN’s top 50 rankings – as number 50. It is a family friendly place, sheltered and the waves are normally of a beginner friendly nature. Making it ideal for families who want to frolick in the water, with a surfboard or two. It does have its days of good surf, but its main strength lies in the tranquility: allowing people to get away from the Hong Kong skyscrapers and re-connecting with mother nature.


Big Wave Bay, Hong Kong - Map and location
Big Wave Bay, Hong Kong – Map and location.


Comparing Big Wave Bay to some of the beauties on this list seems like sacrilege, but let us explain. If you’ve got kids, you can’t find a cuter spot. Families lay out picnics, the weather is peachy and dads push their toddlers onto their first waves. Good wholesome beach fun. Just keep your grommets away from the rocks at the right side of the bay during high-tide; there can be a nasty shore dump onto the rocks. (CNN)”


Getting there:

Fly into Hong Kong airport and get a taxi for between US$20-30 or get the no.9 bus from outside MTR Shau Kei Wan for less than a dollar.”

(Sources: CNN, AsianWatersports and Wikimedia Commons)


Surf spot report: Big Wave Bay, Hong Kong Island
Surf spot report: Big Wave Bay, Hong Kong Island


What does people say?

“Big Wave Bay is a decent place to go surfing on the eastern coast of Hong Kong, though whether there are always big waves is questionable. When I lived in HK, this beach used to be quite dirty, but they have done an admirable job recently of making sure both the water and beach are clean enough to swim in/tan on. The restaurants around BWB have a fantastic selection of seafood, so even if the beach doesn’t suit you….the food certainly will!” – Erin K.



Big Wave Bay is also known as Shek-O or 大浪湾. The main picture shows post-typhoon conditions, which are extremely rare.

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Surf spot: Lighthouse, Fuerteventura, Canarias, Spain.

Surf spot: Lighthouse, Fuerteventura, Canarias, Spain.

Located on the southwestern tip of Fuerteventura, Puerto De La Cruz, you will find the surf spot we have named Lighthouse (due to the nearby lighthouse…). Getting there is no picnic, as you will have to go several miles on dirt roads with holes.. no, not holes.. craters. They have large craters in them.  So, make sure you bring a car with some nice suspension along.


The break itself is a reef break with loads of power, and you will see barrels forming up even on the not so clean days. We had great fun here, while the people who didn’t know better were surfing the northern breaks.


Oh, and don’t stop for adolescents carrying shotguns… if you see any.

Surf spot - Lighthouse, Fuerteventura, Canarias, Spain
Surf spot – Lighthouse, Fuerteventura, Canarias, Spain. Photo: Nicole Lisa Photography

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