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Bosu Ball – The best way to train and improve your balance?

Bosu Ball – The best way to train and improve your balance?

You have all seen one – a Bosu Ball. Too bad many of you only oogled it in awe without using it, because it truly is a magnificent way of improving your balance and boarding skills; whether that be snowboarding, surfing or skating. But… is it the best way to train and improve your balance? We go through some of the options that are available out there.


The following products are divided in to three categories; premium, standard and budget.


Premium balance products:


1) Bosu Ball.

Not surprisingly, we kick off the ball with the Bosu Ball. A premium category product. We are not entirely biased by the way and will mention the positives alongside it’s biggest flaw: price.

– Image:

– Product description:

BOSU Balance Trainer combines all the elements of fitness cardiovascular toning and flexibility into unique and highly effective combinations. Challenging and fun, the BOSU Balance Trainer gives a whole new meaning to “moving with control” as yuou work out on an unstable, dynamic surface
Includes BOSU Balance Trainer, 4-in-1 workout DVD, 2 workouts from the Xplode Series DVD, owner’s manual and foot pump

– Price:

99$ (worldwide shipping via Amazon)

– Biggest pros:

This is a great product which you would benefit greatly from if you invested in it. You will find a Bosu Ball in any athlete serious about increasing their core musculature and balance.

– Biggest cons:

Price, it is quite expensive.

– Get it here:

AMAZON – BOSU Balance Trainer, Blue


– This is what others have to say about the Bosu Ball:

“After using the Bosu Ball at the gym, I finally decided to treat myself to one at home. This one is even better than the one at the gym. It’s fast to inflate using the hand inflated that was included, but the inflater is kind of cheap. The blue hose kept disconnecting from the yellow pump. As far as a fitness product, there really are very few other pieces of fitness equipment that you can buy that are this versatile and effective. I highly recommend this to anyone looking to improve core strength and improve balance.” – L. Russo


Next product up for review:

The Indoboard.

BIC surfboard – Beginner surfboard review.

BIC surfboard – Beginner surfboard review.

BIC surfboards are excellent for the surfer that just hasn’t gotten around to starting surfing yet – but would love to. It is also ideal for you who have just invested in a few surf lessons in the water – and had a ton of fun. The BIC surfboard provides an excellent platform for developing your surf skills through the crucial beginner and intermediate phase of learning to surf. A common mistake many do, is choosing a surfboard they can’t handle. Not only does this take the fun out of surfing, but it is also extremely likely to halt any progress. Making you stand still, while all your friends are getting better and better.

The solution to prevent that from happening?


Get a BIC surfboard.

Trusted, sturdy, durable and beginner-friendly is it’s middle-name (long middle-name, we know…!)


Read more / order it via amazon (Europe):

Model: Bic Surfboards Shortboard 2011 – 6ft 7 Surfboard – Red

BIC Surfboard package, includes board bag, leash and wax – great deal. (Amazon – Europe)

Model: Bic Surfboards Shortboard 2011 Package – 6ft 7 Surfboard – Red

For those of you in the US – click here to read more / order via Amazon USA:

Model: BIC Sport ACS Mini Malibu Surfboard (7-Feet 3 Inch, White/Blue)


* Extremely durable – nearly indestructible

* Very beginner-friendly

* Good to develop skills – your skills will improve quickly with this board!



This is why the BIC is so durable.
This is why the BIC is so durable.
BIC Surfboard
BIC Surfboard


What people say:

“I had not surfed in at least 5 years. So I knew I was going to have to put my ego aside a get a board that I would be able to catch waves with. At 7’3″ this is the longest board I have ever ridden. I`m 51 years old and in good shape but I knew if I got a board that was too short it would be much harder to even catch a wave. So I took a chance on this board and I could not be more happier. It catches waves easily and much to my suprise it is a pretty high performance board. It was so much fun to ride I wish I would have gotten it sooner. If you are just learning to surf or looking for a board that is easy to ride but can still rip this is a great board at a great price!!” – Eric “Surf Dawg”



Does exactly what it sets out to do – provide a safe environment for learning. Surfers who start out with this board will quickly see their skills develop, and most important thing of all: they will have fun doing so. If you are thinking about getting a BIC surfboard for yourself or as a gift / present for a potential surfer – go with our blessings. It’s a good board worth investing in.



Relevant accessories (US):

Mr. Zogs Original Sexwax – Cold Water Temperature

Mr. Zogs Original Sexwax – Warm Water Temperature

Surfboard Ceiling/Wall Sling


Bestseller amazon products for real SURFERS:

Amazon US:







Amazon UK & Europe






PERFECT gifts – for a dear friend (or yourself). 😉


Clayton Surfboards – Makoi Fish Model Review

Clayton Surfboards – Makoi Fish Model Review

Clayton surfboards are widely acclaimed as pure quality surfboards. Clayton himself started shaping in 1994, and has since become a shaper legend. Two of the Superstoked crew members have put the board to the test, and this is our honest review.


Shaper description:

“Designed with low overall rocker and a central concave for lift. It features a wider tail for acceleration in small waves. The Makoi Fish paddles great and surfs fast and allows for a wide range of performance in varied surf. Can be used in either a thruster or quad fin set up.” (Clayton Surfboards)



Clayton Surfboard - Makoi Fish 6 4
Clayton Surfboard – Makoi Fish 6 4




Having tested the board out in England, we could quickly see that it excelled in smaller waves (1-4 ft). It does what it promises, and you quickly pick up speed when you are paddling in to a wave, once in the wave you will find that it is nicely maneuverable and also picks up speed very nicely. It has a bullet-shaped nose which allows you to penetrate the lip of the wave for doing top-turns.


It is a great board for those less powerful days, providing tons of tons of fun. However, it is not the board you want to bring to massive, powerful, hollow reef-breaks – but you already knew that. Good all-rounder.



¤¤¤¤ (4 / 5 points)


Boards tested:

Model: Makoi

Size: L 6’4″





Clayton Surfboards


Need somewhere to put the surfboard? Get a quality rack…

Surfboard storage rack.


Bestseller amazon products for real SURFERS:

Amazon US:







Amazon UK & Europe






PERFECT gifts – for a dear friend (or yourself). 😉


HIVE swimwear – Swimwear that sticks

HIVE swimwear – Swimwear that sticks.

Kat Hogg is the director of Hive Swimwear which is based in Noosa Heads, Queensland, Australia.The business was started in 2005, and has since won small business awards and many fans. The label is a popular label on the east coast of Australia with over 90 stockists. Kat is passionate about designing, manufacturing and distributing sports fashion swimwear for the board sport enthusiast.She is an avid surfer who knows what girls want – swimwear that stays on when under duress. Kat lives and breathes swimwear and has responded to a recent exclusive interview with Superstoked Magazine.


Hive swimwear - Surfer girl
Hive swimwear – Surfer girl. Photo: Hive Swimwear


“Hive Swimwear is the ultimate women’s swimwear. Surf, swim and run in it, we make swimwear that stays on. Their collection includes bikinis, tankinis, one piece swimwear, kaftans and tracksuits. Hive swimsuits are designed to be fully adjustable and our tops don’t tie up around your neck. The prints are original and exclusive to Hive to ensure they are unique. Mix and match it to suit your own personal style. Designed in Noosa Heads, Australia.”


Q : What inspired you to start a swimwear label in 2005?

A : Nearly ten years ago I was working full time as a surf instructor and manager of travel with a local surf school.It became very apparent that girls and women in the classes were in need of swimwear that remained in place while surfing.Participation in surfing by girls and women was growing at a phenomenal rate and women required swimwear that would match their passion.This is what inspired me to start a swimwear business – to make the first functional women’s surf swimwear.


Hive Swimwear Girls
Hive Swimwear Girls. Photo: Hive Swimwear


Q : Why does your swimwear stick? What is the secret?

A : Hive Swimwear uses the most technical and durable lycra available.The cut of each garment in combination with adjustable strap configurations allows for a customised and secure fit.


Hive Swimwear - Swimwear that sticks
Hive Swimwear – Swimwear that sticks. Photo: Hive Swimwear


Q : Do you have any other garments, besides swimwear?

A : We do specialise in swimwear but also have a trademarked neoprene long sleeve 1.5mm top and a neoprene pant.It is very light, flexible and comfortable and keeps you warm.


Hive - For your stick.
Photo: Hive swimwear.


Q : Do you sponsor any surfers?

A : Hive has many team riders. One of our standouts is Isabella Nichols who will compete at the world titles in Nicaragua next month as a member of the Australian team. My husband Peter, who is a Sports Physiotherapist, has had a major role in her strength and conditioning over the past 15 months. Bella is worth keeping an eye on in the future. Isabella tests some of our new designs.


Hive swimwear - underwater.
Photo: Hive swimwear – underwater.


Q : Do you surf yourselves?

A : I love surfing. It is my favourite sport. I surf approximately 3 times per week with my husband and friends.


Hive Swimwear girls
Hive Swimwear girls. Photo: Hive


Q : Where can readers buy your products?

A : We have a user friendly website with images of the Hive Swimwear collection. It is easy to navigate and we ship world wide. Check out


Q : Have you got a msg for the Superstoked readers?

A : Stay fit and surf regularly!


Thank you Hive Swimwear. Stayed stoked and keep up the great work!
Sexy surfer girl in bikini
Sexy surfer girl. Photo: Hive Swimwear


Get your swimwear via AMAZON:


Amazon UK – Bestsellers; swimwear and bikinis





Amazon US – Bestsellers; swimwear and bikinis






Smelly boots? Smelly boots remedies.

Smelly boots?

Smelly boots giving you a hard time? Need some tips on how to cleanse your smelly boots from that nasty smelling odour? Fear not, Superstoked will aid you in your quest.


Smelly boots has been a problem for watersport enthusiasts for generations. Drying out your smelly boots is not the first thing you have in mind after spending several hours in the raging, cold ocean. There are certainly other things your mind and body craves more than giving your smelly boots a haulover. Such as food rich in fat and juicy nutrients. Bacon and eggs after a heavy workout session tastes like a piece of heaven – leaving little thought for the pair of smelly wetsuit boots that you have just twisted of your feet.


Superstoked have gathered the best remedies for curing ‘smelly boots’ disease, and here are three solutions which should do the trick. These will work on smelly work boots and smelly football boots as well. So, pay attention lads.


Smelly boots remedy – #1: Overture Bamboo Booty Blasters

Smelly boots - Booty blasters
Booty blasters

These beauties work by blasting away odour causing toxins in boots, wetsuits and more. Containing activated bamboo charcoal these bags are an innovative and uniquely natural way to help maintain the life and health of your wetsuit and wetsuit accessories. They effectively absorb odour creating toxins from the surrounding area whilst also balancing excess humidity and preventing bacterial growth. A MUST-HAVE. Or, a great gift for any surfer or watersport enthusiast.
Click the image above or link to learn more: Overture Bamboo Booty Blaster – Brown


Smelly boots remedy – #2: Booty hanger.

Nothing too fancy, does what it says. Practical way to dry out and store your wetsuit boots. Can be used hanging or free standing. Well-worth investing in. However, if asked Superstoked prefers option number #3 contra this one.

Click the image above or link to learn more: Bootie Hanger


Smelly boots remedy – #3: Shoe and boot dryer with vents.

Smelly boots - Booty dryer
Smelly boots – Booty dryer

This is cheaper than the wetsuit bootie hanger, and comes with something that will blow that foul smell right away – vents. The vents allow airflow to dry your boots or other items in a excellent manner.
Click the image above or link to learn more: Shoe, glove and boot dryer with vents


Smelly boots remedy – #4: Slosh wetsuit shampoo and cleaner

Smelly boots - Shampoo
Smelly boots – Shampoo

This shampoo will prevail where other products have failed. A must for any active surfer, or the perfect little gift for anyone you know who are into watersports.
Click the image above or link to learn more: Slosh Wetsuit shampoo and cleaner

There. Your complete how-to guide of how to solve the quest of the smelly boots (and save the princess).