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Can you hear the Siren?

Can you hear the SIREN?


Meet Siren Williams.

Singer-songwriter, surfer, and world traveler from Cocoa Beach, Florida, Siren Williams brings a fresh, new vibe to the table with acoustic tunes that reflect her adventurous lifestyle. Siren is an environmental and wildlife conservation enthusiast and strives to enlighten listeners of a more pure and organic way of living.

Siren Williams
Siren Williams

It’s not unusual to find Williams on street corners of various countries playing her original songs while bystanders toss change into her captains hat. With a history of traveling the globe to teach surf lessons, take photos, and to crew on a variety of boats, Siren Williams has now devoted herself to creating music. First known as a competitive surfer, she has now touched fans from around the world with her musical talent.


Hello Siren! How are you?

– I’m doing pretty good! It’s another beautiful day!



Give us a quick rundown of what it was like to be a competitive surfer.

– Oh, I loved it! It gave me purpose, and it gave me reason to go out and surf everyday and stay physically fit. I never took it that seriously, I don’t think, but it always pushed me to be stronger. I feel like I might be loosing my ‘stoke’ a little bit now, and I think it’s because I can’t justify paddling out into 2 ft chop. When I knew I had a contest coming up, I knew I had to be in the water no matter what. I had to get out there and free surf with that bikini my bikini sponsor gave me, and I had to expose my sponsors. I had things to do. I kept me going, as a surfer. I actually want to start competing again.


Do you ever miss it?

– I totally miss it. Those were the good ‘ol days of sleeping on the beach at the contest site, out of town, and waking up early for a beach run and dawn patrol. I was surviving off sponsors, and I just surfed and taught lessons part time. I miss that stoke, for sure.


You seem to be a bit of a multi-talent. Where do you get all of that energy from?

– What energy!? I always had a lot of hobbies growing up, and my folks always tried to get me involved in as many different things as possible, and it worked. My whole life has been really diverse. I probably have a severe case of ADD that helps out a lot. I get sick of sewing, so I paint. I get sick of dancing, so I run. I get tired of training lifeguards, so I teach surf lessons. The story never ends. Today, I mostly surf, teach lessons, play music, and paint. I’m constantly moving in and out of phases.



Tell us about your music.

– I have a history with music, but after some world travels and living overseas in various countries, I came back home to Florida and started pursuing a music career. I’ve been working on that for about a year and a half, and it has really taken off! I already had a lot of friends and contacts because I traveled and surfed competitively, mostly in Florida, but I think that really helped in the beginning. I immediately had a following because these people had been following my travels on Facebook, so they were really interested to see what I was going to do next.
I can’t label my music with a genre. I just do whatever feels natural, and I feel like I still haven’t really found the sound i’m looking for. That’s actually the hardest part. When I play live, I usually play guitar and my husband plays the cajon, but behind the scenes we both play quite a few instruments.
Right now, I’m patiently waiting for a record deal or even a sponsorship to generate some income. That’s something we’re really in need of right now.

We Live Underwater
We Live Underwater


Which musical artists inspire you?

– I think anyone who plays music inspires me. I listen to a huge variety of music, and I’m inspired by every bit of it! I take elements from everything I hear and project that into what I’m doing, and I get a most of my influence and inspiration from my travels and the music I pick up along the way, like English music and Arabic music. I feel like I relate closely with artists like Ben Harper and Jack Johnson, although I don’t always listen to them. I just find that my music, and my ‘internal tone’ is quite similar to theirs.

Do you have something you want to say to the Superstoked readers out there?

– Yes! Please respect your beautiful Mother Ocean, and the land you have by keeping fertilizers out of your yard, recycling, slowing down for manatees, buying organic products, minimize your use of plastic, using alternative grocery bags, and helping clean up after those who just don’t understand. Never judge another race or culture. Go to their country and live among them to understand your differences. Never give up on your dreams! Keep a positive mind, believe, and you will receive. Last but not least… TRAVEL FAR.


Take care and have a good weekend!
– Siren


Siren Williams wedding attire
Siren Williams






full unreleased album:

Siren Williams – I Look at The Sky