Nice wave in Safi Morocco

Morocco Surf Photography – with Yassine Belhouari

Morocco Surf Photography – with Yassine Belhouari

Yassine Belhouari is a young, talented surf photographer that you are likely to find with a camera in his hand if the surf is pumping. This is his story.





My name is Yassine Belhouari from Morocco, I’m 27 years old, I started with surf photography in 2008 just like a
hobby in the town of Safi, Morocco Rass lafaa – where the Elliens surfers love to surf.

Morocco surf in Safi

I love surfing as I’ve been practicing bodyboarding for a long time, which is where I discovered my passion for surf photography.

My dream was to get a good camera and a good lens to get in touch with the world around me. After a while that
destiny has decided that I am to leave Morocco to live in Germany.

So I used the power of my inner passion doing some painting art and some garden work. Its was and still is the second
hobby option + travelling home .

A trip like this it doesn´t make sense to all of you, but when you are out there watching the sun coming up in
such a beautiful place with good friends … you cant imagine being anywhere else, no buildings, no
pollution, no man-built bullshit – just nature and the waves.



Nice wave in Safi Morocco

Travelling for me is to go out and spend the night under the stars, catching one or more stars falling and just taking it all in.

I’m very thankful to the beach and the wave as they have always set my thoughts in a relaxed and peaceful state of mind.

Sometimes its payment enough in itself to hit the road like a stranger in a strange land. Load up the car, full up the fuel tank
and drive until you find a new water to explore for a new experience collection.

Writing for me is writing. It started in school and in the south trips I would just enjoy writing the good
moment or the good things which comes up around – it’s great to look back at and smile.

My camera equipment right now is: Canon 30D + Canon 1100D, lens Canon Zoom Lens EF-S 18-55mm 1:3,5-5,6 III+ Canon
Zoom Lens EF 75-300mm 1:4-5,6 Gopro Hero1 + cnmemory core 500gb + Kapaloa + Billabong xero 3*4 + Ripcurl
Gloves + Rip Curl headsuit .

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Interview with Yassine Belhouari


Why did you start with surf photography? What inspired you?

– I started with surf photography because I loved surfing and being on the beach – or just travelling the coastline.

Safi Surf Crew


Where is your dream travel destination?

– My dream travel destination is first to finish Morocco, the longest coast in Africa, then travel to Namibia, after all that I would love to visit Asia for a while.


What is your favorite place so far?

– My favorite place so far is my hometown Safi Rasslafaa, Morocco.


Canon EOS 1100D - Photo Wikimedia
Canon EOS 1100D – Photo Wikimedia


Where can our readers follow you and see more of your pictures?

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