Soul Board – where Soul meets Board.

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Soul Board – where Soul meets Board.

Soul Board – where Soul meets Board.

The Soul Board documentary is a journey into shaping. How traditions shape us and carry into the future; how surfing shapes us; how we are shaped by cultures. It’s the journey of a board touching different souls.


Soul Board - A journey into the art of shaping


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Interview with Armando Costantino


Tell us a little bit about the Soul Board project.

My name’s Armando Costantino, and I’m an Italian film director. I’ve been following my two passions: filming and traveling while living on the European road for the last 3 years with my wife.


We’re digital nomads (we work online as we travel in our Westfalia, to pay for expenses), and when we recently had the chance to visit the Longboard Surf Festival in Salinas, we jumped at it.


I’d just started surfing and I was hooked. I met a surfboard crafter, Rafa, who I immediately connected with. People who are passionate- who love- what they do- are electric for me.


He told me about his surfboard shaping history, learning the craft from his grandfather, how much he loves the process and the inspiration.


He inspired me. The more I spoke to him, the more I thought a film should- needed- to be made. Not one about crazy rip curls or the stars of surfing.


A film about the soul of one surfboard’s journey.


The Soul Board will be travelling around Europe – where can people meet up with you?

I’ll be spending time filming and speaking with Rafa as he creates a unique surfboard just for this film, in Oviedo, Spain.


From there, we’ll drive our Westfalia T4 through Spain, Portugal, Morocco and the south of France with the board, in search of surfers. Local surfers, who each have their stories to tell.


We’ll ask these locals, in some of the best surf spots Europe has to offer, to try out the board and see what they think. We’d like just 6 or 7 surfers in total for the film, of various ages and cultures.



Soul Board - Journey


During this journey, I’ll try to capture the essence of what surfing means to a lot of diverse people. I’ll challenge myself, also, with attempting to increase my own surfing skills (I’m a filmmaker, not a professional surfer) as part of my own journey.


The end product: a film we’ll send to surf film festivals, starting in the autumn of 2016 and continuing through spring/summer (when most festivals are held) 2017.




The Soul Board – teaser video:

– Visit Kickstarter to help Armando realize this fantastic project: Soul Board – A Journey into the Art of Shaping



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