Sebastian Ewaldh surfing

Releasing the Surfer Innate

Releasing the Surfer Innate – with Sebastian Ewaldh.

Meet Sebastian Ewaldh, a spiritual swede devoted to surfing and chiropractic. Sebastian talks us through how he combines the two in the best possible manner.



Sebastian Ewaldh surfing



Interview with Sebastian Ewaldh:


Tell us a little bit about yourself and your relationship to surfing.

– Sebastian: 
I’m 25 years old and born in the southern part of Sweden. However, the last 4 years I’ve been living in Spain whilst studying Chiropractic in Barcelona. I started with surfing the summer of 2013, which was a year and a half after my father passed away. I’m quite a spiritual person and surfing is a very spiritual sport so for me it just clicked the moment I tried it.


Also, it took my mind in new directions and helped free me to work on the loss of my father. It’s a really beautiful sport. There is nothing better than paddling out and just hearing the sound of a light offshore wind and the waves breaking.


At those moments I sense a powerful connection with nature. I feel at peace with my surrounds, which is missing for many of us today because we live in such a very mechanical world. The water has always been my second home so when I discovered surfing and caught my first wave it felt like I had found my way home……..I was embraced by a sense of calmness within.

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So, soon you’ll be a chiropractor? Congratulations. Great profession that helps so many. What do you look forward to the most about graduating as a chiropractor?

-Sebastian: Thank you, Yes I have to successfully complete my thesis and a clinic exit examination and then I’m a chiropractor. Yes it’s a great profession and I was lucky enough to get into a college of chiropractic that teaches it’s students to work with the body’s incredible inborn intelligence…..the Barcelona Collage Of Chiropractic ( I mostly look forward to having the opportunity to help people and educate them about chiropractic, about what we do and what we don’t do.


I find people often have a narrow understanding of what is chiropractic. People think its only about back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain and so on. It does help with those conditions, but chiropractic is really about allowing each human being to express 100% life without any interference in the body. The brain controls everything by sending impulses across the nervous system to organs, muscles and cells. Then those areas send signals back up to the brain. Its like a feedback loop that runs the body……..without it we cannot function well.


The demand for chiropractic is extensive given that we all have a spine and that research suggests that most people have problems with it on a regular basis. As a result, there are work opportunities for well trained chiropractors in most countries around the world.


How do you link surfing and chiropractic? Is there a sacred bond between the two?

– Sebastian:
To me, surfing and Chiropractic share, at their core, a very spiritual essence. Both are built on a fundamental respect and connection with nature. Both give birth to a set of principles and beliefs that shape the way one lives and interacts with nature.

For me their exists a degree of synergy betwen the two. Historically both also have some things in common. Both have roots outside of mainstream thinking and both have existed almost as countercultures during their early phases of development. I like to be a bit of a rebel and go against the norm so for me they are both a good fit.


As already mentioned, I find that getting adjusted regularly helps improve my overall wellbeing, not just my surfing ability. I know others who find the same to be true. When well adjusted, a surfer tends to become extra loose on the turns. This is certainly the experience of Christoffer Hartknopp who also notes that his concentration is better and that his body functions better overall. In addirtion there are many full-time sportsmen and women who now use chiropractic care to improve their preformance in a diversity of sports.


Chiropractic adjustment


We happened to see a post where you were out surfing with the super stoked Christoffer Hartkopp – how do the two of you know each other?

– Sebastian: We met when I first started to surf in the summer of 2013 at Lapoint surfcamp in Ericeira, Portugal. We went for a few surfs together and he was kind enough to give me some tips, which helped me to improve my surfing. I started checking his spine at that time and we have stayed in contact ever since. Now, everytime we cross paths we try to get in the water and have a surf together, The guy is super fun to surf with, he’s always happy and gives off a good vibe in the water.


What is your favorite surf location?

– Sebastian: I have to say Ericeira, Portugal, The location is so nice and it has so many different types of waves. If by chance Ericeira isn’t working it’s only about one hour drive to Peniche and 40 minutes to Cascais where you can find great waves most of the time depending on the swell and wind direction. 




What is your favorite piece of surfing literature?

– Sebastian: Hahaha…….to be honest I don’t really have one. With reading all the Chiropractic related philosophy and research its hard to squeeze in surfing literature as well. I guess I will have to catch up on that after I graduate.


We recommend: The History of Surfing


Do you see yourself working with both surfing and chiropractic – combining the two?

– Sebastian: That’s my vision for the future. I want to move to Portugal after I finish my studies and since i now speak Spanish and already understand a lot of Portugeuse. I plan to open a clinic in Portugal and combine surfing and Chiropractic. It’s my dream to be able to contribute to society by promoting healthy living and by raising people’s awareness of health and wellbeing and surfing fits perfectly into that spectrum.



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