Air Surfing: Hoverboarding has arrived!

Air Surfing: Hoverboarding has arrived!

Remember Back to the Future? Well, turns out their were right! Hoverboarding would arrive approximately 2014 – and look what Raul X Minai has come up with… Air surfing!


Enjoy thisĀ amazing movie! What creativity! Our winner of ‘video of the week‘.



The video is created by Raul X Minai, so be sure to follow him on vimeo and check out the rest of theĀ movies.

Air Surfing from Raul X Mihai on Vimeo.


Video description:

“After a perfect kiss, you get a feeling of weightlessness. You can compare the sensation to floating or flying.

Created by: Raul X Mihai
With: Shelby Welinder and Cameron Crockford
Produced by: Michelle Burgess
Music: Mr. Little Jeans – Rescue Song (RAC Remix)”




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