SheShreds Girls

“The power of SHE!” Interview with Gina at

“The power of SHE!” Interview with Gina at

Meet Gina Duffy,  the fun-loving adventure junkie that decided to combine her two true passions in life – fashion and surfing – and in inspirational style truly go all out with her new lifestyle company, Sheshreds.

They specialize in clothing and apparel for the fashionistas amongst the female athletes, as well as edge women and girls of all ages to take their dream on with full power and utilize their potential.


We were lucky to exchange some words with Gina:


Superstoked Magazine: Hello Gina! Please introduce SheShreds and tell us a bit about yourselves?

Gina: Hey there, I am Gina from We are lifestyle company that provides action/adventure apparel, gear and inspiration for fashionable female athletes. As individuals we have fifteen years experience in various positions in marketing, advertising and hospitality ranging from boutique lifestyle agencies to global shops supporting all manner of consumer product categories.



SheShreds Girls
SheShreds Girls


Our founding partner is, an event production and marketing entity that executes events in wake, snow and other adventure sports. It supports larger properties in programming and execution (i.e. Dew Tour, Summit Series). I myself was a key member of the international team that brought the first U.S. Moncler store to Aspen, CO.

I decided to combine my two true passions- fashion and action sports, to create a cultural and retail experience for snow/wake/skate/surf/moto to all around adventure junkies like me. As a result, was launched in 2013 to celebrate and embrace ladies of all ages that are pushing the guys out of the way and “gettin’ some” in action sports (and looking good doing it.) I am a key founding member of the International Women’s Wake Alliance, a new association for females in the global wakeboard industry from the pro ranks down through entry level access to the sport.

Superstoked: Wow – that sounds fantastic! What inspired you to start up a clothing line for women in particular?

Gina: I’ve been riding some kind of board or another since I was 14. I’m just a huge fan of these sports. I am also a fashion junkie and started reading Vogue at age 12. I’ve done talent styling on big tours for big brands, been in marketing and advertising for a long time as well.


Gina Duffy surfing a 'boat wave'
Gina Duffy surfing a ‘boat wave’

I wanted to take my two biggest passions and find a way to marry them. My passions inspired both our move to the mountains of Utah and the launch of Action sports/Adventure Industries are still male dominated. I want to help create a cultural shift there-The Power of SHE. I have created a brand to wear as a badge of honor and to bring females together in a unified voice to effect change in the industry for access to the sports, R and D, retail focus and respect.


The number of girls and women of all ages from all over the world that have reached out to be a part of has been humbling. It is bigger than me and it has meaning and impact in its infancy. I am still driven by the original passions of mine for fashion and action sports but it is so much more as I now know there are a lot of girls and women out there counting on our support and for this to be a strong voice and brand for them and their passions. We are here to impact change for girls and women in these sports and beyond. Beauty and Beast. The Power of She! Shred on sisters, shred ON!


Sheshreds clothing
Sheshreds clothing


Superstoked: That sounds inspiring. The world of womens sport has certainly taken off in the last few years, and it’s brilliant to see people like you helping promote – as you say – the Power of SHE! Have you any projects/campaigns to promote women in sport?

Gina: Currently we have created the FUEL THE POWER OF SHE Indiegogo campaign to help bring SheShreds to the next level. We are very new (only 8 months old) but the momentum we have had so far has been incredible and has made us want to take it even further!

We have a number of different aims and ongoing projects.

* We want to enhance our signature apparel design and work with other manufacturers and brands to create female focused goods (See Woodies collaboration perk)

* We want to continue to support our sponsored athlete program and our ambassador programs that continue to grow.

* Very important to us is supporting events that have female friendly divisions and/or to become that voice at established events to garner more female access and respect.

* If we don’t reach our fund raising goal, we are confident any incremental support will allow us progression toward our goals given our existing momentum



Stylish Sheshreds gear
Stylish Sheshreds gear

Superstoked: We would love to help – Where can our readers buy your products and support your company?

Gina: You can check out our Fuel the Power of She Indiegogo Crowd funding campaign for limited edition and special collaboration perks at:

You can also shop our signature line and gear for all things “shred” on our website at


Sheshreds Collage
Sheshreds Collage

Superstoked: Perfect, we’ll be sure to let our Superstokers know. Finally, we’d love to know if you have any favorite locations to surf in the world?

Gina: My favorite place to surf so far is Sayulita, Mexico! I had an amazing surf and yoga trip there and next on the list is Costa Rica. I also “surf” behind our boat which is super fun and no paddling in!


Best of luck onwards with SheShreds, Gina! Shred on and stay super stoked!