Lapa Lapa Lobitos Bungalow

SURFING LOBITOS, Peru – with Lapa Lapa Bungalows.

SURFING LOBITOS, Peru – with Lapa Lapa Bungalows.


Lobitos beach, famous for its quality left-break wave, which is honored as one of the best in Peru. This is where we find Lapa Lapa Lobitos Bungalows, an idyllic beach bungalow which offers quality accommodation to surfers and backpackers.


El General Kike. Photo by Henry Espinoza.
El General Surf Break. Photo by Henry Espinoza Photography.


– Roberto Cesaro, who runs the place, had the following to say about Lobitos and his Lapa Lapa Lobitos Bungalows surf accommodation. Afterwards, we even had a little chat with the friendly man:



So, Lobitos is located at the north of Peru,  sun everyday of the year, a 2 hours drive from Ecuador by road. Lobitos has one of the best lefts of Peru, its 200 mts more or less of a perfect tube wave that breaks in a sand bed, it breaks all year but with south west swells that can be 5 stars ( Agoust-December )


Lobitos has been exploited by english people from about 1930 for its oil and gas, and have then passed the lands to the military,  now it is a special town plenty of good waves , a very peaceful and relaxing place.


At least Lobitos is one of the 6 perfect point breaks of the town , theres also ” el hueco ” big barrels and long lefts, El general , piscinas, la frontera, baterias and some more without people , only 4×4 drive, in summer ( january -march ) can surf without wetsuit , warm 24 degrees water, in winter with a 3/2 mm its great.”


Paisaje. Photo by Segundo Vasquez.
Paisaje. Photo by Segundo Vasquez.


Hello Roberto! How are you? Could you please tell us a little bit more about your inspiration for Lapa Lapa Lobitos Bungalows?

RC: I’m fine, thank you. Ok, yes. The name is Lapa Lapa Lobitos Bungalows,  and my inspiration is to give the best accomodation in front of a perfect wave that is Lobitos and its 8 closest point breaks, I usually work in gardening so I appreciate nature that’s why lapa lapa is becoming a very green and peaceful place, I loved surfing and I wanted to share this perfect wave with people around the world.

Lobitos. Photo by SV.
Lobitos. Photo by Segundo Vasquez.


What is your favorite spot in Peru?

RC:  In Peru my favorite spot is Lobitos , then el hueco that is very close to lobitos point, and cabo blanco that is at 30 km from lobitos. And in the world there are so many , but I think that Indonesia ( Padang Padang ) is one of my bests , also Jefreys bay at south africa and pipeline in hawaii.


Lobitos Barcos. By Segundo Vasquez.
Lobitos Barcos. By Segundo Vasquez.


Tell us a bit more about the Peruvian waves. What is the best time to surf in Peru?

RC:  At the north of peru in Lobitos we have waves around all the year , we have 8 spots that breaks in every month ..but the bests months for surfing el hueco and lobitos is agoust, september, october, november and december, el golf , punta panama ( very nice rights) and el General other 3 very nice spots from january until march , then piscinas and los muelles from april, may , june and july the bests months. More at the south we have Chicama , the longest left in the world and huanchaco a very nice beach that shares inca culture to her visitors, more at the south we have all year around  breaking points  close to lima , like punta hermosa, punta rocas , peñascal, el huayco, and a lot more.


What do you offer your visitors at Lapa Lapa Bungalows?

RC:  Ok for my visitors i have a lot of experiences that I can share with them, like going in 4×4 surfaris around the north spots with no one in the water, whale spotting or maybe swim with turtles in crystal-clear water, which is perfect for diving and  photographs.


Lapa Lapa by Segundo Vasquez.
Lapa Lapa by Segundo Vasquez.


That sounds AMAZING. We hope to visit you some time. Until then, all the best onwards, Roberto! Be sure to follow Lapa Lapa Bungalow’s facebook page. 🙂



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