SURFER GIRL Tia Blanco – Raw Surf Talent.

SURFER GIRL Tia Blanco – Raw Surf Talent.


The rawly talented surfer girl, Tia Blanco (16) has entered the competition for a place in the ASP World Tour. Will she qualify? If you ask us… then YES.

We believe in you, Tia.


Strictly vegan, the 16-year-old is as raw as they come – but there is nothing green about her surfing, except for the people green with envy due to her talent. San Clemente, California is where she currently resides – but this is a girl with many a home; having lived in California, Hawaii, Costa Rica, New Zealand, Australia and even Mexico. Her father being a catalyst for her surf interest, getting her to play in the waves from age three, at a time when they were residing in Waikiki, Hawaii.



Tia Blanco. Credit: Hawaii Red Dragon Photography

Tia Blanco. Credit: Hawaii Red Dragon Photography


Tia Blanco has taken massive steps these past couple of years, and finally the surf scene is starting to take note. Her surfing has improved dramatically. Our prediction – qualification within the ASP tour within 1-2 years, and a top 10 ranking within 4 years.



tia blanco


Her favorite surf spot is Tahiti – where she has done the brave thing of surfing Teahupo’o. And here is the proof, provided by Sina Blanco:


Tia Blanco – Surfing Teahupoo, Tahiti.


Lui Tortuya, of, recently did a interview with the rising starlette after her participation in the US open at Huntington beach. Check it out to gain some insight into the surf moves this girl has got in her toolbox:

More recently she took part in ASP qualifiers in Barbados. November 2013.


Sina Blanco was there to capture the happening on video – and has created quite a cool short movie, which features Tia Blanco and her boyfriend Colt Ward (awesome surfing style). Tia finished 2nd in the competition. Check out her youtube channel here:

Best of luck onwards, Tia. We’re cheering for you.

– Superstoked Crew


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