Panama Paradise. Photo: Nirvana Surf Charters

Nirvana Surf Charters: Panama Paradise

Captain Bryan Blaze sent us some photos from Nirvana Surf Charters who specialize in surf and kite trips along the Panama and Caribbean coastline.

Indulge in this pristine, tropical paradise and read more about Nirvana Charters via the link at the bottom of the article. We were also lucky enough to exchange some words with the energetic captain Bryan Blaze.


Panama surfing - Photo: Sergio Bryksa
Panama surfing – Photo: Sergio Bryksa



Ahoy captain! Please tell us a bit about yourself and Nirvana Charters.

BB: Ahoy! I am Captain Bryan Blaze, a hardcore surf explorer, tube master, 3rd generation sailor and surf yacht Captain about my beautiful vessel. I will brave the storm to get you and yours to the best surf spots. Nirvana Charters specializes in surf and kite trips along Panama’s Caribbean coastline.


Nirvana Charters Boat.
Nirvana Charters Boat.


What is the best thing about Panama?

BB: The best thing about Panama is the uncrowded secret surf & kite spots in this tropical paradise and the fun-loving locals.


Nirvana Charters - Kite surf.
Nirvana Charters – Kite surf.


Are you passionate about surfing?

BB: Passionate? Hell yeah! I am a surfer 1st and foremost. Everything else is secondary.


Surfing Panama. Photos: Gary Parker
Surfing Panama. Photos: Gary Parker


Tropical paradise.
Tropical paradise.


What is your favorite surf movie – and your favorite non-surf movie?

BB: Favorite surf movie is “The Occumentary”.

Occy – The Occumentary: A Film By Jack McCoy. Click image or link to learn more.


Favorite non-surf movie is “Legends of the Fall”.

Legends of the Fall. Click image or link to learn more.


Surfing Panama
Surfing Panama. Photo: Gary Parker


Pick your own lobster!
Pick your own lobster!

Favorite music album of all time?

BB: Bob Marley – True legend. I start every day with Bob! ­čśë

Bob Marley’s Songs of Freedom.


Surfing Nirvana.
Surfing Nirvana.


Where can readers learn more about Nirvana Charters?

BB: People can find out more about us via our facebook page or visit us online at


Photos: Nirvana Charters & Gary Parker


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