MOVEMBER: Movember quotes and sayings.

MOVEMBER: Movember quotes and sayings.

Movember is a mix of the word Moustache and November. An honorary month where moustaches are celebrated all across the world in an annual charity event, a fundraising event to raise money for the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia, and to raise community awareness of Men’s Health Issues. Here are some Movember quotes and sayings for you to enjoy. Movember quotes and sayings… A full list of Movember quotes and sayings you did not know about Movember. This list of Movember quotes and sayings will make your moustache tickle with amusement.

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Movember quotes and sayings, plus fun facts:

In 1967, The Beatles gave away cardboard moustaches with their album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

Mo’s make you look stronger and will scare off an opponent. Beards are for the weak and lame.

Gentlemen have always worn Mo’s. The term barbarian was applied to men who wore beards, because they were a lesser type of man.

A Mo will make you richer, beards are for beggers.


The different moustache types
The different moustache types


In a deck of cards the king of hearts is the only king without a moustache.

A survey of 100,000 women in 1988 found that 68% confirmed that a man with a moustache was a superior lover than his clean lipped neighbor

Mo’s will make you smart (think Einstein)

Scientific research, commissioned by the Guinness Brewing Company, found that the average mustachioed Guinness drinker traps a pint and a half of the creamy nectar every year. Now that Guinness is UK 2.10 a pint, this is the equivalent of an annual moustache tax of UK 4.58.


Movember fun facts - Photo WIkimedia Commons
Movember quotes and sayings – Photo WIkimedia Commons


The only 4 U.S. Presidents known for baring mustaches are: Chester A. Arthur, Grover Cleveland, Theodore Roosevelt, and William H. Taft. Since Taft in 1909, all U.S. Presidents have been clean shaven.

The mustache has a wonderfully powerful effect upon a man’s whole expression. The idea of virility, spirit, and manliness that it conveys is so great that it was a long time the special privilege of officers of the army to wear it. -Mrs. C. E. Humphry (Etiquette for Every Day, 1904)

Groucho Marx for many years wore a fake moustache of greasepaint on stage and film, then grew a real one later in life.

• On average a man with a moustache touches it 760 time in a 24 hr day.

By 1914 and the advent of WWI, the military mustache was well-established. Generally, the shape of the stache suggested rank: As a man advanced in rank, so did his mustache become thicker and bushier, until he ultimately was permitted to wear an ever fuller beard.

In the U.S. today, there are some ten million millennial men thought to be wearing mustaches.

The owner of the Oakland A’s baseball team paid each of his players $300 to grow a stache in 1971. Not surprisingly, when the A’s met the clean cut Reds in the 1972 World Series, it was dubbed the “Hair versus Square” Series by the media.

Firemen are not allowed to have facial hair because it prevents breathing equipment from fitting properly.

• It perplexes. It fascinates. It amuses and it repulses. Glorious is the moustache!


Movember quotes and sayings – FAQ


Q – Who has the greatest moustache of all time?

A – There are many worthy winners, but personally I would say Salvador Dali.


Q – Who won Movember this year?

A – There are no individual winners in Movember, it is not a competition, but a charity, and thus everyone who participates in raising prostate cancer awareness are winners. The individual winner would be Prostate Cancer Awareness.


Q – Where did Movember start?

A – Movember first started in Australia.


Q – How many hairs is it on a man’s face?

A – There are between 10,000 and 20,000 hairs on a man’s face.


Q – Who has the biggest moustache of all time?

A – According to the Guinness Book of World Records, in July 1993, Kalyan Ramji Sain of Sundargarth, India, had a moustache that measured 133.4 inches long.


Moustache fella - Photo Wikimedia Commons
Moustache fella – Photo Wikimedia Commons



Q – Are marines allowed to have moustaches / facial hair?

A – Yes, but a U.S. Marine’s moustache cannot be longer than half an inch according to military regulations.


Q – Are women attracted to men with moustaches?

A – Yes, women are attracted to men with moustaches according to scientific research.


Article: Movember quotes and sayings

Description: Movember quotes and sayings. A full list of Movember quotes and sayings with info you did not know about Movember. This list of Movember quotes and sayings will tickle your moustache with amusement.

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