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How to think like a rock star and be successful.

How to think like a rock star and be successful.

A rock star, or successful person, has several important key traits: determination and a winning state of mind. To be successful in this day of age you have to think like a rock star every day, if you lose your passion then you will lose you chance of success. Learn how to think like a rock star and how to be successful, by reading this article and doing the mentioned exercises.


Learn to deal with stress through increasing your mental power. You do not have to be a natural. Mental power can be increased by training. This article deals with several ways of increasing mental power, self-belief and confidence.


Get conscious about how to think like a rock star. Your thought processes are something which you are really able to take control over and improve in many mental aspects. If you do not take control over your own thoughts, external factors / surroundings will control you, which will lead to both a decline in your mental pattern and mental power.


Most people are not even aware of the negative, distracting and irrelevant cluster of bad thought patterns running through their heads on a daily basis; neither do they think they can control them. These negative thoughts directly influence your confidence, self-perception and thereby, as a consequence, decrease your mental power and abilities. You got to want to succeed, you got to learn how to think like a rock star.


Therefore, the first step towards increasing your mental power is to get conscious about the possibilities you have to train – and increase your mental power by thinking positively. It is also important to be aware of negative thoughts and learn how to inhibit them from occurring, both in frequency and severity.


Reminisce on previous successes. This is another tip in this article which is very useful in decreasing negative thought occurrence, and changing your thought pattern in times of emotional / physical stress into something positive. It will help you feel good about yourself which is an important aspect as to be a confident, mentally strong person. Here is an exercise I want you to do right now…


Exercise: List up 10 successes you have experienced in your life …


If this took you more than 60 seconds, this is not really ideal. The longer it takes you to finish this mental exercise, the less present your triumphs are lingering in your mental thoughts, which might mean that you think less of your achievements, and therefore think less of yourself. Achievements and personal successes are very subjective depending on your life situation and age, and might be anything from getting a good grade on your last school-test, getting promoted, going to the gym, reaching a deadline, getting married and so on and so forth, the list is endless.


Most people tend to focus on remembering negative aspects and personal letdowns, setting the scenarios on repeat in the Brain Video Player, which encourages negative thinking and a further detrimental effect on confidence and self-belief. Naturally, this is something we want to change. You are going to learn how to think like a rock star.


How to deal with this:

Improve your mental power and confidence by reminiscing on previous successes and achievements which have gotten you through challenges and personal obstacles on previous tough occasions.When you find yourself in tough times, mentally and physically, recall your previous successes, and how you got through it. Think about how you will soon be able to look back at this challenging time and smile confidently. You are a rock star, now learn how to think like a rock star.


How to increase your mental power
How to think like a rock star. Photo: Stefano Politi Markovina

Learn to prepare for challenges in an intellectual manner.

People lacking mental power often do not prepare for upcoming challenges, which we are all confronted by as we go through this maze called life. The reason for this lack of preparation is that they lack the confidence and mental insight to predict what kind of tests and trials they will be exposed to in their life situation. In other words, they need to increase their mental power, especially since this lack of preparation will lead to negative reinforcement over and over, as they are not able to achieve personal triumph and defeat the challenges lined up ahead of them. This is well summed up in a quote by Alfred Adler, the renowned Austrian psychiatrist;


“Imperfect preparation gives rise to the thousand-fold forms that express physical and mental inferiority and insecurity.”

– Alfred Adler (Austrian psychiatrist whose work on individual psychology introduced- and developed the term inferiority feeling, often (erroneously) referred to as inferiority complex.)


How to deal with this:

Get conscious. Think like a rock star. What are the requirements expected from you in your current life situation? Be prepared, and start working on any aspects you feel might benefit from strengthening; i.e. if you are a chiropractic student and you feel that certain joint manipulation techniques are hard… do something about it, practice until you feel confident, and you will be rewarded with increase mental power, confidence and self-belief. There are numerous examples, but I chose this one as I feel you can use this setup and turn it into your own little scenario. Also, be sure to draw parallels to similar situations and challenges which have occurred in your life, this might be anything from physical training or academic tests which have challenged you, and where you have had to respond, work hard and break on through to the other side (like the Doors); stronger, positive and more confident.


Practice in stressful situations.

Like mentioned in the beginning of this article, you do not have to be a natural talent in dealing with stress, stress-management is a skill which can be trained, by increasing mental power. I am going to use an example here for ways which you can gradually prepare for upcoming stressful tasks and trials.


First, let us imagine a football player who has not played high level football previously, and who gets thrown out in a premier league match in front of 70000 raging spectators (other team’s supporters by the way, just to make it harsher). Most likely, the player’s legs will buckle and sport performance will be severely affected by this external factor, as his mind is not trained to deal with situations like this. However, if the transition had been gradual, with him playing games in front of a gradually increasing spectator audience (50… 100… 500… 5000… et cetera), the situation would have been something completely different, and he would have trained his mind mentally to filter the negative thoughts and thought patterns which might have a negative impact on his overall performance.


How to deal with it:

Start out small, prepare and practice with friends adding stress gradually as you progress. Make the challenge harder and harder as you progress, and you will have increased your mental ability to deal sufficiently with stressful situations in a short time. This can be applied to everybody on a general level, and the conclusion is, challenge yourself get out there and do it.


How to increase your mental power
How to think like a rock star. Photo: Stefano Politi Markovina

Always look on the bright side of life.

Cliche? Yes, but essential if you want to learn how to think like a rock star and be successful. If you are one those persons constantly complaining about how terrible your life is and how the rain always falls on you, the risk is you might break down yourself mentally, decreasing mental power to the levels of depression or similar situations. This negative thinking will just reinforce negative thought patterns and have detrimental effects on your mental health in the long run, so please stop for a second, and think about the positive aspects of life. It is very important to be able to deal with adversity and stand tall through the challenge, resulting in increased mental power and confidence. However, I am not saying that certain situations require periods of grief and self-reflection, it is just important to remind yourself that there is a silver lining behind even the darkest cloud.


“Every cloud has its silver lining but it is sometimes a little difficult to get it to the mint”

Don Marquis


Learn from your mistakes / personal letdowns. A personal aspect of strengthening / increasing mental power is being able to learn from your mistakes, and not take them too personally. For example, if a job interview does not go as well as planned, you might want to work a bit on your communication skills, it does not mean you are useless. People lacking mental power are poor at analyzing mistakes, and therefore they do not learn from them.


How to deal with it: Remind yourself you are not identical with your performance, performances can be changed by training / learning. And therefore it is essential that you ask yourself how you can improve your performance and learn from the personal let-down. Stay positive.


Consult your thoughts to someone. Increasing mental power and being mentally strong does not mean that you have to be the stereotypical lonely cowboy type. Au contraire, the people with the highest amount of mental power and confidence are able to open up to someone they trust, and consult with them in challenging times.


How to deal with it: If you are struggling coming to grips with something or find yourself in times of trouble, talk with someone. By talking about your thoughts and problems, you are more readily able to see them in a clearer perspective and as a result you will be better at dealing with them.


Hope you learned something from this article, and I wish you all the best onwards.


“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”

– Eleanor Roosevelt


Article: How to think like a rock star – written for Superstoked Surfing Magazine


By Alexander Van Dorph, author of “Cognitive Disturbance”.



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