Anthony Johnson

Skating with a legend of the game – Anthony Johnson

Meet Anthony Johnson, a professional skater who exuberates stoke and good vibes to those around him – he currently works at Glide SUP, enjoying life and creating awesome surf and paddle boards. He was hooked on skating since he got his first skateboard when he was 8 years old – which explains his magnificent flair and skills with the board.

Please tell us a bit about yourself.

AJ: My life is pretty simple right now and I’m stoked. I spend a lot of time with my wife and 2 awesome kids. I skate a ton and I make surf and paddle boards at Glide. I surf and paddle any chance I get. I basically just focus on spreading love, laughter and stoke.

Anthony with a wicked 50-50 grind
Anthony with a wicked 50-50 grind


That sounds pretty awesome, Anthony! How did you first get into skating?

AJ: When I was 8 I found an old banana board in our shed and I was instantly hooked. I got my first real board for my 9th birthday and it was on!

What is the best thing about skating?

AJ: Skating is so rad because I can feel so stoked just cruising down the street and then there are major rushes when you land something huge. The feeling of landing a trick I’ve been trying for hours is an indescribable feeling of accomplishment. Skating is just rad in every form.

Grinding a Glide paddleboard
Grinding a Glide paddleboard – Check out their site in the links below.


That is truly radical, Anthony. We know the feeling! On to something completely different though – who are your top 3 rolemodels?

AJ: Nelson Mandela, Laird Hamilton and Frank Sinatra.


Anthony and Azad watches
Anthony and Azad watches


What is your favorite skate movie?

AJ: The classic Animal Chin. It portrays what skateboarding is about.

(Official trailer for Animal Chin (1987)


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That movie is a CLASSIC! By the way, where can Superstoked readers see more of your pictures and videos?

AJ:, My sponsors are awesome about getting stuff out there: Union Street Skateboards, Webb Trucks, OTZ Shoes, Aloe Up, Glide, Every Man Jack, Kind Design Clothing, Realm Shades, Azad Watches. Much love to all!


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Stay stoked, Anthony! Hope to see more of your photos soon. Keem em` coming!