G-Shock GLX5600

Casio G-Shock Surfing Watch – Review

Casio G-Shock Surfing Watch – Review.

Looking for a great watch to bring along for surfing? The Casio G-Shock holds a special esteem amongst surfers and divers, mainly for its durability and ultimate water resistance, but also due to its low-profile modern design. It is not only a surfing watch, but also a diving watch, meaning it can hold ground until you are about 200 meters deep (which we recommend avoiding).


It is perfect for those who need a tough watch in the water. The G-Shock GLX5600 has advanced features you would normally find on more expensive watches and brands, plus it looks and functions great. For a surfer, the moon and tide functions will come in handy, as you are able to predict when the surf will be at its best.


Casio G-Shock GLX5600
Casio G-Shock Surfing Watch – Review: Casio G-Shock GLX5600



  • ThinnerĀ  – This version of the G-Shock is a bit thinner than the original, meaning that it is less likely to get caught in your wetsuit or similar.
  • Lighter weight – You just might forget that you are wearing it…
  • Tougher band – The watch strap is of a slightly more durable material, and thicker compared to many of the other G-Shock models.
  • Easy to read display – The LCD screen is crisp and clear, ensuring that time doesn’t get away from you while you are out surfing or diving.
  • Great quality – The case screws are top quality and the back is machine-washed.
  • Improved button function – The buttons function great, and don’t switch too easily.
  • Regular CR2025 battery – These have a lifetime of 3-5 years (may vary).
  • Looks good – The sleek design looks good, but in a low-profile manner.
  • Water resistant down to 200 m
  • Moon and tide function
  • Tough – Can handle shocks, cold temperature and water


  • Was going to say price, but when you realize that it is a good quality dive and surfing watch, it seems to be well worth the money.


– More information and customer reviews available HERE via Amazon.


Casio G-Shock GLX5600 – images:

G-Shock GLX5600
Casio G-Shock Surfing Watch – Review: G-Shock GLX5600


Casio G-Shock GLX5600
Casio G-Shock Surfing Watch – Review: Casio G-Shock GLX5600