Rory Cornelius

Cornelius Surfboards – with Rory Cornelius

Superstoked contributor Corey Walter did an exciting interview with Rory Cornelius recently, the man behind Cornelius Surfboards.


Rory is 28 years old, and was born in San Diego, he currently resides in Carlsbad, California – where he has devoted himself to honing his skills as a surfboard shaper and creating excellent surfboards.


How long will it take until we see the ASP tour surfers rippin’ it up on CS surfboards? Time will tell…


Tell us about yourself. Who is the man behind Cornelius Surfboards and how did you get into shaping?

RC:    I grew up in San Diego, California. Surfing from sunset cliffs to La Jolla to Encinitas, and I am currently living in Carlsbad, California. There was a natural progression through surfing experience that led me to design my own surfboards. I shaped my first board in 2004 but continued to ride other shapers boards until I started up the shaping business in 2012, and I chose to use my last name for the label. I always had an appreciation for surfboard shaping as an art and a good understanding of the board building process, so things just came naturally to me.


Cornelius Surfboards
Cornelius Surfboards


Who taught you how to surf?

RC: Basically self-taught for the first few years, out of pure stoke. Then I learned better moves from local surfers Shawn Hughes, Barney Sullivan, Micah & Isaac Wood, Kevin Connelly, and Tom Ortner. Surfing has given my life meaning, purpose and value.


Who is your favorite surfer?

RC: My favorite surfer is Billy Hamilton, for his surfing style on a triple stringer in powerful waves.


What kind of board do you prefer to shape and why?

RC: I shaped my first board in my friend’s backyard in 2004. We shaped a 9’4 Australian foil, and after that I was just hooked. The shapes of my boards are the most important things. I shape boards that work. I have certain design theories that I apply to each board. I like to shape single fins, but I’m also into performance boards – long or short. The most important thing I do is to devote myself to the board, making it the best it can be – every single time.


Fat Wave Photography
Fat Wave Photography – by Corey Walter


When did you get your first surfboard?

RC: I got my first surfboard in the mid 90’s. Since that I have been trying to live on a philosophy based on pure stoke and happiness. These days my local spot is Egors. I’m usually doing roundhouses on my 9’4.


Tell us about your surf team.

RC: Once I started building boards fulltime, there was a huge interest from the kids here in North County. There’s some guys that surf really good, and they like the boards that I’m building. So the company works to provide these guys with better boards, and we benefit from gathering the feedback.


What kind of music are you into?

RC:     I play piano and guitar, so I listen to songs that I’m trying to learn, mostly classic rock.


Rory Cornelius
Rory Cornelius


What do you love about being a surfboard shaper?

RC: My favorite thing about shaping surfboards is the thrill of creating new designs, and getting to see other people ride my shapes.


Where can SuperStoked Magazine Readers find more about you?

RC: Check out and on instagram @cornelius_surf.


Words and pictures by Corey Walter @ Fat Wave Photography – check out the interview we did with Corey earlier, right HERE.