Jack Robinson surfing at Padang

Brazilian surf photography at its best – with Sidney Polansk

Brazilian surf photography at its best – with Sidney Polansk.

Sidney Polansk is an energetic 29-year old brazilian man whose passion lies in photography and surfing. Born next to the ocean, he saw himself naturally drawn to the waves and the lifestyle that surrounds them. We had a chat with one of the main contributors to Shotspot Brasil, and got to indulge in some of his finest photos.


Tell us a bit about yourself.

SP: My name is Sidney Polansk, I am a professional photographer, specializing in surf photos. I was born in Ilhabela, on the Northern coast of São Paulo. I’m 29 years old, and work regularly with the site Shotspot.com.br, and also as a contributor of various other websites and magazines on an international level, mainly working with aquatic photos / videos.  My favorite wave is Grower, Desert Point, Indonesia.


Sidney Polansk photography
Sidney Polansk photography


How did you get into surf photography?

SP: Always lived on the beach since I was an infant really. You see,  I was born on an island, and from there things just progressed naturally to where I am today. Started shooting photos of the surf because it was right there, and also because I have a great connection with the sea.


What is the greatest thing about taking photos?

SP: The magic of colors.. the way they form a magical feeling for whomever is watching is just unique.


What camera housing do you use for the water shots?

SP: I work with boxes of Liquid Eye Image:

Liquid Image 750 Ego Series Mountable Camera Waterproof Case (Clear) (click the link to learn more)


Do you have a favorite photo amongst all the photos you have taken?

SP: My favorite photo would have to be the photo I took of Jack Robinson, surfing at Padang beach (see below).

Jack Robinson surfing at Padang
Jack Robinson surfing at Padang


Any good stories from when you have been out taking photos?

SP: There are tons of them.. always good times to be had shooting surf photos.


Where can Superstoked readers see more of your fine work?

SP: First of all, at the site shotspot.com.br, but also waves.terra.com.br/surf/fotos/competicao/wct/billabong-pro-rio/2013/noticias/wct-nas-internas/58672 & facebook page; SidneyShotspotBrasil

See more of Sidney Polansk at Shotspot Brasil
See more of Sidney Polansk at Shotspot Brasil