The biggest surf mural in the world - by Hilton Alves

The biggest surf mural in the world – by Hilton Alves

The biggest surf mural in the world is underway. An incredible art project started by Hilton Alves and Jessica Alves, with help from Hawyland Styles Gallery, volunteers and Honolulu community members.


We recently got the following press release from Hilton Alves, along with some exclusive sketches of the project. Here is the press release:


Artist to Paint the Largest Surf Art Mural in the World

… ” July 1st, 2013 – Artist Hilton Alves will partner with Hawyland Styles Gallery, volunteers and community members to complete the largest surf art mural in the world.


The concept of the approximately 14, 080 square feet mural is to bring the North Shore to the South Shore with an image depicting beautiful banzai pipeline, a colorful sunset and a sandy section where silhouettes of individuals will magnify the size of the waves. The final stages of the mural will include an interactive community art element where the young and old alike will have a chance to have their silhouette painted on the beach scene looking at the waves.


This mural is a celebration of Hawaii’s surf culture and acknowledgement of Hawaii being an ocean lovers and surfers mecca for the world.


This dream was born out of experiences Hilton has had with his Surf Art Kids Project.  Surf Art Kids is a social project designed to expose children and youth to environmental awareness and foster in them a respect and love for the ocean through art. Hilton has completed 13 murals on Oahu and has reached over 5,200 children through the project.


When the mural project at 1320 Kalani Street in Honolulu is scheduled, it will be completed within about 10 days. Organizers still need to raise funds, secure donations and volunteers, purchase supplies and book machinery. In an effort to complete this massive mural, organizers will raise $20,000 in funds and/or donations of needed materials, equipment, services or supplies to cover some of the estimated costs of the project. For more information, or to donate, you can visit . Please feel free to contact Hilton Alves at 382-2098, or if you would like to get involved and if you should have any further questions. ” …


The biggest surf mural in the world – by Hilton Alves. Sketch:

The biggest surf mural in the world - by Hilton Alves
The biggest surf mural in the world – by Hilton Alves (SKETCH)


This is what the biggest surf mural in the world will look like!

We are stoked to hear that it is going ahead, and hope you all get behind and support Hilton Alves plus the rest of his fantastic gang.


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