Super water Bros

Super Water Bros: Pontus & Linus

Super Water Bros: Pontus & Linus.

Meet Pontus Johansson and Linus Eliasson. Although these two swedish surfers may not be connected by direct bloodline, given the time they have spent in the surfline together they are most certainly connected by water.


Whoever said blood was thicker than water…?



Linus Eliasson
Linus Eliasson

From: Halmstad, SwedenFavourite surfing destination: Indonesia

Favourite surf spot: Killers

Quiver: Divine surfboards (P. Rodriguez / Ericeira). My favourite shape at the moment here in Costa Rica is a 6.2 x 18.37 x 2.37 (for fast waves ) and a bubble 5.10 x 19.75 x 2.40 (for slow, fat waves).

Music track I am listening to right now:

Chilled out tunes to ease the tension in between the sessions.


“My name is Linus Eliasson, and I’m a 23 year old ”boy” that simply loves to surf. I’m from a town in Sweden called Halmstad. I started to surf in Halmstad when I was 15 years old, but I didn’t really figure out what surfing was before i started to travel about 1-2 years later.. but from then on I was completely hooked.”



Pontus Johansson
Pontus Johansson

From: Halmstad, Sweden

Favourite surfing destination: Morocco.

Favourite surf spot: Killers

Quiver: Divine surfboards (( 6.0 – 6.2 ) 2 1/4 / 18 ¼)

Music track I am listening to right now: Awolnation – Sail


“Hello hello, my name is Pontus johansson, I am 23 years old as well. In about four weeks I am emigrating to Australia to score some really big waves. My passion for surfing first developed when I lived in Los Angeles in the year of 2008, this year simply thought me how to live my life to the fullest and showed me what to focus on onwards.”


How did you two first start surfing, and how did you meet?

Linus: I met Pontus for the first time about 10 years ago, but it took some years until we figured out we had the same passion for surfing.  We started to work together when we were 17 years old in a restaurant in Halmstad; we were doing the dishes at that time… and not to brag or anything… we are probably the best at it… in the world.


Surfing Indonesia - Linus
Surfing Indonesia – Linus



How many days a year do you reckon youspend in the surf? And how do you get the chance to live out your wet dream?

Linus: I’ve almost spent my 5 last years travelling and the last 3 years I’ve been surfing a lot. I reckon a little bit over 300 days a year and atleast two sessions a day, which has been a dream come true. Lapoint Camps helps me out a lot in terms of making me have the chance to live it. Working as a camp manager/surf instructior is fun, and I truly get to cheerish the time I spend it the water… it is truly worth its weight in gold to me. This is in many ways my life long dream, and I am living it.


In amongst seasons with Lapoint (Portugal, Morocco, Costa Rica ++) I like to travel to other places as well surfing there or even at home with my dear friends and family.


Moroccan surfing - Linus
Moroccan surfing – Linus


What are your favourite surfing destinations? Favourite surfing spots?

Linus: Tough question as there’s so many! Morrocco and Taghazout is one of my favourite places. There are so many waves and the people are friendly… a genuinely nice atmosphere.  Killers is forever going t be one of my favourite waves. Indonesia is one of my favourite surf areas as well. I’ve spent about a year in total amongst different waves down there. And I can’t forget about Costa Rica and all those beachbreaks filled with waves made out of the uttermost perfection.


But a good day at home in Halmstad… with 15 m/s wind blowing onshore (or sideshore… or both if you’re lucky)  and a lot of frends around, nothing can beat that..


Super Water Bros: Pontus & Linus
Super Water Bros: Pontus & Linus


Your best surfing experience(s)?

Linus: Me and Pontus had a great day at Jojo’s on Sumbawa, Indo, when we traveled around between islands there. One early morning we were sitting outside the break, totally alone, no one out yet… it was quiet… too quiet. Then suddenly a big set charged and Pontus found himself in the best position. He dropped in and had the barrel of his life! I just heard a cheeful ”wiiiihooooo” and I was thinking ” Shit shit shit for missing that one!” but I was very happy for him though… haha.


Pontus - Indo.
Pontus – Indo.


We surfed the biggest waves on Killers for sure, the swell was pumping last season. It was actually what was deemed ’unsurfable’ as one of those big December swells mixed with a lot of wind; but Pontus and me got into the car on the hunt for glory… and fun.


We first drove straight past Killers, as it looked onshore and not too good, but then as we had just passed it I had a proper ’lightbulb’ moment of enlightenment, and I just knew that Killers  would be worth check out.


Killers - Surf spot - Morocco
Killers – Surf spot – Morocco


When we came back, we both went: ”Shiiiiieeet!” The waves were massive, and the wind had dropped off quite a bit. Pontus was the first one in, and the currently quickly grabbed him, making him go fast in the wrong direction, all the way towards Mystery before he could come back to the line up. Seeing this, I decided to jump from the cliffs instead, and I came out really fast inbetween 2 sets, saving me loads of energy for a day filled with the biggest, glassiest waves of our lives. We were merely 4 lucky guys out that day; Pontus, Luca Guichard, a peruvian guy and myself.


Pontus surfing Killers, Morocco
Pontus surfing Killers, Morocco



Any dodgy experiences while travelling around the globe?

Linus: I had one sketchy wipeout at Anchor Point in Morocco, where I took off a little bit to deep and nose dived and rolled down the face of the wave. When I emerged to the surface I was just 10 m from the rocks, and the waves kept rolling in. Not funny there and then, but I live to tell the tale.


Pontus: I was photographing a friend (Yassine) while he was doing some mean aerials one day. Later that night while I was editing the pictures I suddenly noticed a fin in the background, 200 meters outside the break… dodgy, and after looking it up we realized that it had been a killer whale we had been surfing with.



«When the well is dry, we know the worth of water.”




Super Water Bros: Pontus & Linus.

This article is featured in SUPERSTOKED – ISSUE 2 (Full online edition)