Fikapojkarna Productions – Dreaming

Fikapojkarna Productions – Dreaming.

Fikapojkarna productions has done it again! Enjoy what we consider Fikapojkarna Productions finest work yet; featuring 11 minutes from Sumbawa with gorgeous editing, beautiful scenery and fantastic surfing. Take 11 minutes out of your day to watch this, it is so so worth it.

Dreaming from Fikapojkarna Productions on Vimeo.


Fikapojkarna Productions – Dreaming.

This is an edit from our trip to Sumbawa this year. It’s for a clothing company named Island Haze and the story is about Max who’s dreaming about the life he already has.. 😉
It’s the longest edit so far, and we hope that you’ll find time to watch it!

Thanks for watching and sharing.. =)

Surfers: Linus Eliasson, Max Riton & Håkan Bengtsson
The beautiful voice belongs to Kelly Williams
The story is written by Victoria Palm
Model: Victoria Palm




Fikapojkarna Productions – Dreaming
Fikapojkarna Productions – Dreaming