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Touring Sri Lanka with Tour Lanka

We had a chat with one of the unrivaled experts when it comes to Sri Lanka tours – Lanka Tours. They provide tailored travel/surf/safari packages to suit your every need.


Best thing of all – they know all the secluded, secret surf spots – ensuring that you and your friends will have an absolute blast.




Hi Tour Lanka! Tell us a little bit more about this magnificent island of yours; Sri Lanka.

TL: Sri Lanka – is a beautiful island in the Indian ocean situated 50 km off the southern tip of India. Though it is a small island, it contains an unparalleled diversity of scenic sights, sounds and scents; colorful ceremonies and quaint customs, culture and crafts; monolithic ruins and titanic monuments of a civilization both ancient and advanced; a multitude of climes and ecosystems from tropical rain forests to sub alpine evergreen, rich farmlands to arid scrub jungle; extravagant fauna and flora, wonderful wilderness and wildlife; plus over 1125 km of pristine palm-fringed shoreline where one can swim, surf, snorkel, sail or simply soak up the sun.


Touring Sri Lanka with Tour Lanka.
Touring Sri Lanka with Tour Lanka. Photo: Tour Lanka /


Wow! That is quite a lot of experiences packed in to one trip. Probably good to book a couple of extra days of vacation then?

TL: You can experience and enjoy all these within your vacation if you carefully plan your tour since all these within a short 6 hours drive at most, one from another. So plan your tour with Wonderful Sri Lanka Tours. We have well planned, well organized tour packages specially designed for you for a reasonable price with our years of experience in tourism industry.



Sri Lankan beauty
Sri Lankan beauty. Photo: Tour Lanka /



Do you have a motto over at Tour Lanka?

TL: Our goal is to provide a unique, unforgettable travel experience that reflects the traveler’s true desires and interests and perform this service with professionalism, creativity and knowledge. We want our clients to experience the real Sri Lanka, rather than see it.


Surfing Sri Lanka
Surfing Sri Lanka


Sounds good! Tell us a bit more about these packages and experiences you mentioned earlier, please.

TL: We provide many packages as per the choice of the traveler if any traveler wants safari there are many safari packages he can choose. it depend on staying days of the traveler. A few of these packages are:

  • Sri Lanka Honeymoon Packages
  • Sri Lanka Bird Watching Packages
  • Sri Lanka Ayurveda & Sri Lanka Wellness Packages
  • Sri Lanka Surf Packages
  • Yala Treehouse / Safari Packages
  • Sri Lanka All-Inclusive Packages
  • Sri Lanka Dive Packages


What does Sri Lanka really mean – could you tell us a bit about its history?

TL: Tour Lanka travel agency is based in Colombo, the capital of Sri lanka. Sri Lanka is an island, whose name means Land of Splendour – and by what it actually offers to the visitor. The attractions of Sri Lanka – known to the world by several names from ancient days – have been known through the centuries. While legend has it that this is the Lanka of the Ramayana, it is the name by which it has always been known to its own people.


Tour Lanka surfing.
Tour Lanka surfing.


The Romans called it Taprobane, marked on Ptolemy’s map of the world, derived from “Tambapanni” – land of copper coloured earth and lotuses given by the first known migrants from North India. The Arab traders of the past called in Serentivu and Serendib – island of delight, which gave birth to the English word Serendipity – the prospect of discovering pleasant surprises. The Portuguese corrupted this to Ceilao; the Dutch to Ceilan and the British called it Ceylon. But the people of the East, as distant as Indonesia, always knew the island by the name given by its own people – Sri Lanka.


Sri Lanka waterfall
Sri Lanka waterfall. Photo: Tour Lanka /



Touring Sri Lanka with Tour Lanka.

Photo credits: / Tour Lanka


Sri Lankan quotes and sayings:

  • “Sri Lanka’s (former) problems were caused by too much democracy.” – John Richardson
  • “Sri Lanka long has been described as a paradise by travellers.” – John Richardson
  • “It is the Sri Lanka government that has failed to learn the lessons from the emergence of the struggles for self determination in several parts of the globe and the innovative structural changes that have taken place.” (About the former conflict) – V. Prabhakaran


Video – Surfing Sri Lanka:

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Thank you for the very interesting interview, Tour Lanka. You seem like an awesome travel agency, and we hope to visit you and beautiful Sri Lanka again soon!