New Hampshire Grom Surfing – with Alicia and Madisyn

New Hampshire Grom Surfing – with Alicia and Madisyn.

Madisyn Brayshaw. A gromett(e) you might have to look out for in competitions the next couple of years. She has one main goal in life, and seems determined to make it happen – going PRO and living off surfing.


 1) Hi there Alicia!  Tell us a little bit about yourself and your daughter Madisyn.

– My daughter Madisyn Brayshaw is 11 yrs old. First year surfing and it is already clear that she was meant to do this. A natural. She got 2nd place in the Molly surf competition in her division. There is no stopping her, she decided to surf through the winters here in New Hampshire. The water holds about a 38 degree (fahrenheit) temperature, that is equivalent to 3 degrees celsius. That shows commitment! Madisyn has a plan to go pro someday and works very hard when she is in the water – always working on ways to improve and hone her skills.


Rye Beach.
The superstoked look! Rye Beach. Photo: Alicia Labelle
2) How did you get interested in surf photography? And where do you see yourself in 5 years? Going PRO?

–  I have a strong passion for photography. Trying to eventually start a business with it. In 5 yrs I would love to see myself traveling a bit and doing this professionally. I’ve come to love the ocean and all it’s elements. My daughter and I are quite the team. She brought me to the love of surf photography. Currently working on putting together a portfolio and an FB page. Peeps can find my pics on my personal page as well as Instagram for now.


Surfboard - Rye beach.
Surfboard – Rye beach.
3) Which surf spot is this? Does it get regular clean surf?

– Rye Beach is a hot spot for surfers. There is a surf shop, Summer Sessions across the street. Which makes it convient when fins bust, etc. great spot and great peeps!


Madisyn surfing New Hampshire
Madisyn surfing New Hampshire


Thanks for the interview – and thanks for contributing to our magazine. Best of luck to the both of you – we hope to see Madisyn on the front cover of international surfing magazines in 5 years time! Stay stoked!