Luca Sanna surfing sardinia

My name is Luca – Luca Sanna

My name is Luca – Luca Sanna.

Meet Luca Sanna, professional surfer from Sardinia, Italy. He surfs with the Italian national team, and you can find him ripping the Sardinian waves whenever they are going off. We had a little chat with Luca;


Luca Sanna surfing sardinia
Luca Sanna surfing sardinia


Hey Luca! Tell us a little bit about yourself?

– My name is Luca Sanna, I am a boy originally from Sardinia, Italy. I am 21 years and have been surfing since I was 11 years-old. I participate regularly at the Sardinian regional championship and with the Italian national team. My sponsors are: Pacco Clothing, 55Dsl diesel family, LIP and 2BWAX.


So, your name is Luca… do you live on the second floor?

– No, i don’t live on the second floor! 😉


Where are you from, and what are your favorite surf breaks in your homely parts?

– “I’m a mean sardine” – I’m from Italy, Sardinia. Beautiful Italian island in the mediterranean where there are some fun waves for training. Favorite breaks are Porto ferro (north sardinia), Su guventeddu (south sardinia) and Silverrock.


Surfing Sardinia
Surfing Sardinia


What is your best memory of surfing?

– My best memory was last year, during a session of surfing with my friends – we saw some dolphins playing in the water next to the break, so we decided to approach them. At one time they were just 10 metres away from us – playing, surfing and jumping around in the waves. It was great!


Where can people see more of your photos and follow your progress?

– People can follow me on facebook or on instagram my name on instagram is Luca_sa14 . Thanks guys! 🙂


Be sure to follow Luca “Mean Sardine” Sanna on facebook on instagram to follow his progress as an Italian national surfer. We wish you all the best onwards buddy! Stay stoked!

Photo credit: Davide Dettori


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