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High five with Fikapojkarna Productions

Fikapojkarna productions have been dishing up and serving us the most exquisite surf movie candy for a while now – and it is about time we learn more about the fellas behind the project.


Their movies are visually appealing, packed with pure adrenaline,  and contains a ton of amazing surf and beautiful scenery. No preservatives. Just the organic, raw nutrients – straight from the source. Caveman style.


We had a little chat with them.


Fika Cavemen
Fikapojkarna – Cavemen
First of all, we LOVE your movies. Tell us a little bit about Fikapojkarna Productions.

– Fikapojkarna Productions: Cant describe it better than a couple of friends traveling around the world to film all the fun stuff that’s happening around them. Linus Eliasson, Christoffer Fykell and Tomas Pettersson are our names. I’ve (Linus) known Chris for a long time and we’ve always had a lot of creative ideas going on together. We met Tomas a couple of years ago, he had all the camera gear we needed so we decided to ”keep” him;)


Fikapojkarna in Costa Rica
Fikapojkarna in Costa Rica. Photo: Fikapojkarna productions


 What does “Fikapojkarna” mean?

– It all started out in Sweden! We started to film about 2 years ago. Our first edit is actually about eating buns and drinking hot chocolate after a cold surf session. And that’s also the name of the production: ”Fikapojkarna” means Coffee break boys, and thats probably what we love the most- Social coffee breaks including a lot of Cakes and Buns after a surf session. Nothing is better than to sit in car after a session. Put on some music – Chris asking for hot chocolate, me (Linus) calling out for a cinnamon roll and Tomas keeps mumbling about that perfect last wave he caught.. Good times all around! =)



Linus Eliasson tearing apart a massive wave.
Linus Eliasson tearing apart a massive wave.


Your movies are at a professional level if you ask us. Does the crew have any degrees in photography / movie production?

– Thank you!


Christoffer Fykell surfing playa hermosa
Christoffer Fykell surfing playa hermosa. Photo: Fikapojkarna productions


Always fun to hear good stuff about the movies we make. None what so ever.  Or actually Tomas did some courses when he was younger. We figured, after seen a lot of surf films, that why don’t they put more effort into the scenes in between the surf. That will make the viewers more excited! We started with a small Nikon J1 camera, and they work pretty good until you get to the surfing part where you need a bigger lens.. That was when we brought Tomas to the team.


We started to film the surf sessions we had, and after a while we got some good response from surfers around Sweden. Also ”normal” people around Scandinavia loves to see surf, but also films that’ll make them laugh, so we’re trying to show people how fun we’re having while we are traveling and while we are surfing.

Welcome To The Jungle Pt. 1 from Fikapojkarna Productions on Vimeo.


Any hints on what your next production is – or where it takes place?

– Been filming for a clothing company in Indonesia for a while – and helped out Rip Curl in some projects. If you guys like the ones we made, you’ll love the next ones! That’s a fact! The SUPERSTOKED FACTOR is going to be high!


Fikapojke Tomas Pettersson
Fikapojke Tomas Pettersson. Photo: Mamat


We’ll will also make some good ones in Sweden this summer, we’re just waiting for the swell to come=) If you guys are really keen to hang out and surf with us – just check out Söderpiren in Halmstad, that’s where we are hanging this summer. Yeeeew!


We’re on our way starting up a website and before that you can check our vids out on Vimeo or on our youtube Channel.

Days Without Colors from Fikapojkarna Productions on Vimeo.
Now since we’ve got international, (when you wanted to make an interview… ;)) – we really need a name change. We tried, but it’s really hard for an english speaking person to pronounce the name Fikapojkarna.


“But… you know everyone loves sugar, so we’ll probably keep ”Fika” anyway.”


Where can Superstoked readers learn more about Fikapojkarna Productions, and follow your progress?

– At last: For all viewers out there; We’ll keep em coming for you! That’s a fact!
// Fikapojkarna Productions


VIMEO: Fikapojkarna Productions (check it out!) 🙂


Thanks for the interview guys! Looks like you are really enjoying what you are doing, and we’d just like to encourage you to keep living the dream and working hard towards your goals. But first… time for Fika. 😉

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