On wavelength with 11-year old surfer Eduardo Motta (video)

Na Trilha das Ondas, literally translates to¬†“On the path of waves” or “On the trail of waves”.


In this movie shot by Gank Filmes, we meet 11-year old surfer Eduardo Motta from Brazil. The video features a common day in his life. Getting up at 5.30am to catch the morning waves at Prainha Branca, Guaruja, SP, before going to school. Then heading right back in to the water when he returns. Eduardo shows off some great surfing abilities, and we are certain he has a bright future ahead of him if he manages to keep up the training routine and enthusiasm.


We called it here first (or maybe second): the surfer Eduardo Motta is ASP material! It also shows how he did in the RIP CURL GROM SEARCH 2013 (2nd place) held at Praia Do Tomba, Guaruja. You will be convinced as well if you have a look at the video:


Na Trilha das Ondas from Gank Filmes on Vimeo.