Christ at Carcavelos

It’s a hartknock life – with Chris Hartkopp

Long time, no see Chris! How are you?

– Its been too long yeah! Let us hang out in Portugal sometime! I’m all good just got back to Denmark after a few weeks of surfing and living the life in Cali with my girlfriend.


It's a hartknock life - with Christoffer Hartkopp
It’s a hartknock life – with Christoffer Hartkopp. Picture: Astrid


Tell us a little bit about your current situation. What’s crackin’?

Right now I’m living in my small studio, at the northcoast of Sealand. Travel and surf as much I can. When I am home I chase the surf around Denmark and Sweden. Also doing some competitions around and basically just enjoying life!


We heard you got some new sponsors. Please tell us a bit about them!

– Yeah, I’m stoked to get sponsored by GoPro / Skullcandy Denmark, the guys are super cool, and I’m so glad to work with them. …and I got my new Promodel for RW surfboards in Carlsbad CA. too! Faaast, small wave board. Love it! Also want to give a shout out to OH Dawn and Lapoint!


Surfing Cali
Surfing Cali


What competitions are you aiming towards in 2013?

– All the danish once if I’m around. My buddy Vince got me and my Bro in to a few comps in Holland, and i will do a few WQS events on the european tour as well – and try my best to get some more points locked down this year!

Nice! We are looking forward to following your progress in the competitions! Speaking of which… who do you think will take the ASP world title this season?

– Hehe! Kelly will kill them all because of his 2nd place finish last year!



Christ at Carcavelos
Christ at Carcavelos. Photo: Luiz Felipe Simonsen


What are you listening to right now? Dirty Cali hiphop I presume?

– Yeah man! Still bangin’ weastcoast tracks, and i really got hooked on the old dirty south Atlanta as well! For example Citizen Kane is one of my recommended artists:


Cool! Where can Superstoked readers follow your progress and see some stoked surf?

HARTKOPP-HARTKNOCKS.COM: I’m doing weekly updates with surftrips, pictures, videos , underground Hip-hop tracks and much more.