Helisurfing Alaska - by Scott Dickerson

Helisurfing in Alaska.

Helisurfing in Alaska

“Helisurfing in Alaska.” Taste that combination of words. Pretty amazing isn’t it? Forget about heliskiing. All the cool kids are swirling around up there in helicopters, clutching on to their surfboards as they gaze across the arctic surf scenery which is the cold unforgiving Alaska.


It looks hella cool.


Helisurfing Alaska - by Scott Dickerson
Helisurfing Alaska – by Scott Dickerson (ScottDickerson.com)


What?! I didn’t even know one cold surf in Alaska!

Well, you can. It is the stuff that dreams are made of essentially. Crispy, cold dreams that will melt like a fudgsicle right there in your mind’s eye. Chilling, but absolutely beautiful. It combines three things that are not often associated with each other; helicopters, arctic climate and surfing. Thrown in to the brewing pot, they have resulted in a new phenomenon: helisurfing. The helicopter will get the surfers to absolutely desolated areas with magnificent surf, no one in the line-up and pure arctic bliss.


Helisurfing in Alaska – practical information.

If this article has triggered your interest enough to actually go out there and try this, then there are a few things you should know. First of all, it is a big con – the price. Renting someone to fly you around in a helicopter doesn’t come cheap, no matter where you are or who you are. In Alaska, US, you should estimate about 2000 dollars / hour. Which is not a price the average surfer would be comfortable with, but if you are seeking out something new for your bucket list – then this should definitely be on it, no matter what. Another factor to bring in to the equation is the cold – it can be difficult to apprehend just how ghastly minus 15 degrees and a bit of wind can be. A pre-trip preparation to Norway or similar cold climate is recommended to adjust: VisitNorway.com – you will have to go in wintertime though, as that is the only time that the polar bears roam the streets of Oslo.


They are spectacular…


Scott Dickerson Photography

The photography in this article is brought to you by Scott Dickerson, an incredibly talented photographer that we in Superstoked absolutely love. We are hoping to catch some words with him in an interview / photo montàge. If he is up for that.


Get on the latest trend: Helisurfing. All the cool kids are doing it…


Surfing Alaska photo by Scott Dickerson
Surfing Alaska photo by Scott Dickerson

What are your thoughts on helisurfing? You up, up, up for it?