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Finally! Spamfree PhpBB forum thanks to ‘sortables captcha’.

Spamfree PhpBB forum thanks to the sortables captcha antispam plugin.


Not long ago, we decided to set up a PhpBB superstoked forum. The installation was hazzle-free, but after setting it up, hordes upon hordes of spambots started registering. Due to this onslaught it was impossible to see which users that were legit and who wasn’t. Meaning we had to shut down the registration process.


We have now solved this problem thanks to a plugin app called sortables captcha. It produces a little registration puzzle where you have to sort objects in to categories – in our registration set up you have to allocate the four objects: Kelly Slater, surfboard, pancakes and tooth fairy to their relevant category, either ‘surf related’ or ‘not surf related’. We believe this task shouldn’t be too daunting for you.


So, if you have anything on your mind – whether it is your surf photography site or you would like to exchange links – give people a shout out in the forum.