The stoked dutchman

The Stoked Dutchman: Mick Oonk

The Stoked Dutchman: Mick Oonk.


Superstoked recently received a batch of surfing photos from the stoked Dutchman and surf enthusiast – Mick Oonk. He is perhaps the person who will be the most stoked pre-, during and after a session. Doesn’t matter if the conditions weren’t the best, Mick’s positive attitude will make you feel like you have just been barreled by a series of overhead waves. You will find the stoked Dutchman roaming the Boscombe shores with the occasional trip to more westerly waters, Cornwall to be precise. Alongside Mick in the water you will usually find his Dutch entourage: Guy-Antoine, James, Bob and Miguel. They are always stoked to catch a wave or five.


Check out the stoked Dutchman’s photos here:

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Credit: GoPro and Mick Oonk


The stoked dutchman: Mick Oonk
The stoked dutchman: Mick Oonk


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