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Superstoked Surfing Forum.

Surfing forum? You found it. Superstoked has a brand new surfing forum for all the board enthusiasts out there. A forum for all those interested in surfing. A surfing forum for discussion, how-to’s and surf talk. A surfing forum, really…


LINK: Surfing forum (opens in a new window)


“O’ superstoked what are we mere mortals meant to do with such a fine surfing forum?”

The surfing forum is meant as a place where surfers, superstoked readers and others can post questions, start discussions and get answers to what they were pondering about.


“Can I show off my latest photos – the one’s where I got totally barrelled?”

– Yes! In fact, we strongly encourage it, and if you want to, we might even include it in the readers’ contributions section in our next issue of the magazine. There is a certain forum category for this: surf photography. Upload your photos and gloat in the respect of your fellow peers.


“I have a ding in my board… the forum couldn’t possibly help me with that could it?”

Oh young one, you have much to learn. Our surfing forum is the Macgyver of surfing forums and will help you with any question might have. Just give it a shot if you don’t believe us. Superstoked has seen this forum fix a surfboard using needle and thread and similar things that will blow your mind. It is all available through the mighty Superstoked surfing forum:

Surfing forum
Surfing forum by phpBB

Click the picture to open the surfing forum. You may have a look at the posts there (not many at the moment), register and post some posts of your own. Why not show of some of your favorite surf photos or videos? If you want some constructive criticism on any of your projects, please let the surfing forum know – and it will indulge you in criticism of the constructive sort.


Check out the forum HERE, please. 🙂