Stoked definition – defining stoked.

The definition of stoked and super stoked.


Stoked definition (Adjective): Being stoked symbols a state or feeling of excitement, exhilaration, joy and euphoria packed into one big bundle. Generally used to describe when a person is looking forward to something or is incredibly happy about something. In the younger states of the word, it was predominantly used among skaters, surfers and snowboarders looking to claim it as a part of their boardculture, but with time this word has become more and more common amongst the general public.

Stoked sentence examples:

“I was so stoked after landing that 360 on my snowboard.”

“Bro, I just went in there with my surfboard and got barreled bro’.. I was like super stoked you know.”


Super stoked definition (Adjective): That feeling when stoked simply doesn’t cut it. To be super stoked is to be in a state of euphoric excitement matched by few other emotions. Most often used when a person has done something that really pushed their limits to the maximum, for example landing a snowboard trick that everybody deemed impossible.

Super stoked sentence examples:

“I was super stoked after landing that 360 on my mom’s bicycle.”

“Bro, I just went in there with a floating mattress and got barreled bro’.. I was like so super stoked you know.”

Stoked definition
Stoked definition


Stoked definition of a surfer dude (VIDEO):

“Dude u get the best barrels ever, dude. You just like pull in and you just get spit right out of them. Then you just drop in and just smack the lip WHUPPAH. Drop down BUGHHAA. then after that you just drop in and ride the barrel and get pitted so pitted, like that.”


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