Smelly boots, smelly boots - oh what are they feeding you?

Smelly boots? Smelly boots remedies.

Smelly boots?

Smelly boots giving you a hard time? Need some tips on how to cleanse your smelly boots from that nasty smelling odour? Fear not, Superstoked will aid you in your quest.


Smelly boots has been a problem for watersport enthusiasts for generations. Drying out your smelly boots is not the first thing you have in mind after spending several hours in the raging, cold ocean. There are certainly other things your mind and body craves more than giving your smelly boots a haulover. Such as food rich in fat and juicy nutrients. Bacon and eggs after a heavy workout session tastes like a piece of heaven – leaving little thought for the pair of smelly wetsuit boots that you have just twisted of your feet.


Superstoked have gathered the best remedies for curing ‘smelly boots’ disease, and here are three solutions which should do the trick. These will work on smelly work boots and smelly football boots as well. So, pay attention lads.


Smelly boots remedy – #1: Overture Bamboo Booty Blasters

Smelly boots - Booty blasters
Booty blasters

These beauties work by blasting away odour causing toxins in boots, wetsuits and more. Containing activated bamboo charcoal these bags are an innovative and uniquely natural way to help maintain the life and health of your wetsuit and wetsuit accessories. They effectively absorb odour creating toxins from the surrounding area whilst also balancing excess humidity and preventing bacterial growth. A MUST-HAVE. Or, a great gift for any surfer or watersport enthusiast.
Click the image above or link to learn more: Overture Bamboo Booty Blaster – Brown


Smelly boots remedy – #2: Booty hanger.

Nothing too fancy, does what it says. Practical way to dry out and store your wetsuit boots. Can be used hanging or free standing. Well-worth investing in. However, if asked Superstoked prefers option number #3 contra this one.

Click the image above or link to learn more: Bootie Hanger


Smelly boots remedy – #3: Shoe and boot dryer with vents.

Smelly boots - Booty dryer
Smelly boots – Booty dryer

This is cheaper than the wetsuit bootie hanger, and comes with something that will blow that foul smell right away – vents. The vents allow airflow to dry your boots or other items in a excellent manner.
Click the image above or link to learn more: Shoe, glove and boot dryer with vents


Smelly boots remedy – #4: Slosh wetsuit shampoo and cleaner

Smelly boots - Shampoo
Smelly boots – Shampoo

This shampoo will prevail where other products have failed. A must for any active surfer, or the perfect little gift for anyone you know who are into watersports.
Click the image above or link to learn more: Slosh Wetsuit shampoo and cleaner

There. Your complete how-to guide of how to solve the quest of the smelly boots (and save the princess).