Hilton Alves

Hilton Alves? Who is this Hilton Alves guy?

Hilton Alves? Who is Hilton Alves?

Hilton Alves, a true artist and waterman. Hilton Alves has specialised in art portraying surf and the ocean. Hence, Hilton Alves has been labeled a surf artist. Hilton Alves was born in 1980, in the brazilian town Guaruja, Sao Paulo. Living so close to the ocean resulted in an immediate embracing relationship to the sea and the waves already from a very young age. Nearly every day you could find him in the sea, either surfing, snorkelling or just admiring the oceanic beauty, and instead of dousing with the years, his passion for the ocean just kept on growing. This love and passion for the marine becomes very apparent when you have a look at his artistry:


Dolphins playing - by Hilton Alves
Dolphins playing – by Hilton Alves



Hilton started his professional career as a artist in 2000, when he first decided to go with his dream and try to live of his paintings. He specialises in drawings, oil paintings and airbrush. His skills evolved, and in 2004 he expanded upon his works to include murals. These can be admired – in the mural flesh- in Santos, Guaruja, Sao Paulo, Bahia and Floripa in Brazil and on Oahu in Hawai’i. He was also the mastermind behind the project “Surf Art Kids”.


Kahuku Mural - Hilton Alves
Kahuku Mural – Hilton Alves (2010)


Surf Art Kids

Surf Art Kids, created by Hilton Alves, is a social project designed to expose children and youth to environmental awareness and foster in them a respect and love for the ocean through art. The initiative aims to bring marine art into the lives of the youth through social activities.


Monday by Hilton Alves
Deep blue Monday? (Hilton Alves)


Pretty awesome, right? So, what are you waiting for? Support this aspiring surf artist today – drop him an encouraging tweet, invest in some of his artwork or visit him on facebook. Visit: Hilton Alves’ Surf Art Kids project