Free Online Surf Magazine

Free online surf magazine?

You found it. Superstoked surfing magazine is a free online surf magazine which you may fully access online through our online reader. Click the top right picture, featuring our latest surf magazine issue, to bask in great surf photography, articles, interviews and much more. Superstoked surfing magazine features surfing from all over the globe. With contributions coming in from a range of different, highly talented photographers. Not just from the professional shooters, we also dearly welcome contributions from the  average joe who loves to play around with his camera. We all have to start somewhere, and what better way to kickstart your career than being featured in a free online surf magazine?


Media contributions

We absolutely love receiving pictures, videos, links, suggestions et cetera. Anything that can contribute towards making a better surf magazine. So, if you want to give us a recommendation on what we should include in our next issue. Or if you want to get in touch, you can use the contact form in the top menu – or simply drop us a message via our facebook group.


Free online surf magazine
Free online surf magazine


Other subjects we like writing about in our free online surf magazine include nutrition, exercise, boardsports, health and other things. For example, our third issue included a interview with a freeride legend from Norway; Eirik Borgersen. Not your standard piece to see in a surf magazine, but worth it according to us.


So, you came here looking for a free online surf magazine. Well, you found it. What now then? Have a read using our online reader, and be sure to give us some feedback via our facebook page or contact us directly via email superstokedmagazine @


Hope to hear from you soon. Take care, and have a good surf.


– Superstoked Surf Magazine