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Interview with Eirik Bogga Borgersen

Meet Eirik Bogga Borgersen in this interview, a true Superstoked friend and a true man of winter. You know all those so-called yeti-sightings? It was just Eirik trotting up the mountain towards some fresh powder freeriding.


Name: Eirik “Bogga” Borgersen
From: Stavanger, Norway
Merit list: 1st telemark World Championship 2005, 1st Galdhøpiggrennet 2007

Hey Eirik Bogga! When did you first start skiing? Do you remember that first sweet ski ride?

Hello Superstoked! Well, my dad took me alpine skiing when I was 3 years old. I guess he held me up for the first laps, and then just pushed me over the edge like a bird kicks the newborn out of the nest. Learn to fly or die, control your skis or cry. I don’t remember learning to ski, but I do remember the cold, runny nose, freezing fingers and wet mittens. As a kid your equipment is often very heavy and big, like your skiboots, helmet and goggles. This makes the whole experience very hateful for a while, but as soon as your skills get better this shortly forgotten.


Eirik Bogga Borgersen in Japan
Eirik Bogga Borgersen in Japan



When I was 10 I started skiing from the resort down the other side of the mountain to the cabin in the dark wearing a headlamp and a heavy rucksack. Falling over in the deep snow gave you a 15 minute fight to get out of the straps, which made me learn how to avoid falling. When my buddies and I were 14-15 years old and ambitious ski racers we spent most of the summer on Folgefonna, a glacier near Bergen. A typical day was like this: breakfast at 07.00, starting skiing at 09.00, 30 minutes of break mid-day and ending the day at 16.00. With Folgefonna located on the west coast of Norway it rained most of the days, your toes bathed in the skiboots and your underwear was soaked.   I could tell more hate stories then love stories but I guess that’s what drives your search for more of the good days. I guess surfing and skiing have a lot of this love and hate relationship in common.


Hehe, I think you are right. You have been in a number of contests throughout the years, tells us a little bit about which one is your favourite and why?

I skied on a national level in Alpine until I was 17 and got fed up. I was 8th when Kjetil Jansrud (Who won a world cup gold medal in Super-G at Kvitfjell 4th March 2012…) was 10th in 1999 I think, so this sails up as one of my favorites. Some of my friends started racing on telemark skis at this time, so I joined them and loved the sport straight away. Telemark racing is very similar to alpine, but there is more elements in the course like jumping, skating and a 360 degree turn on a snow ramp. Winning the telemark classic World Championship in 2005 is probably my biggest favorite. Galdhøpiggrennet is a mountain-telemark contest, where we climb up to Norways highest mountain and ski down. It takes about three hour to walk up, and three minutes down. I won this contest in 2007, with the time 2min and 38 seconds. It still stands as best time, and I share with a good friend of mine, Eirik Rykhus.


Bogga catching some air
Bogga catching some air



Favourite ski spot?

I have many favorite ski spots, it’s a very though question. I do love my “home-resort” in Sirdalen, not far from Stavanger. Its one of the smallest resort you can find in Norway but I’ve skied here for 24 years and can be entertained as long as the conditions are good. Given good conditions I would pin Voss as Norways best resort. What goes for Europe, I would like to go back to Fiss near Insbruck and I always have a good time in BadGastein.


Quiver / equipment?

Never get enough and I never sell my skis. I keep them in the basement… they just have too much sentimental value. Sometimes when I pass the door leading down to the basement I swear I can hear them calling my name… it is kind of spooky.


You work full-time as a chiropractor, do you still find time for freeriding, and can we expect to see you any in more competitions any time soon?

I try to ski as much as possible, every weekend and Wednesday evenings. My name is on the starting list for freeride competitions in Hemsedal and Voss. They’re coming up March 2012, I am looking forward to it.

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